Jesus The Good Shepherd

Recently have been getting questions like when you let Go what happens? Won’t things fall into pieces? Are you not been irresponsible? Isn’t it been lazy? The questions flood on and on about letting Go.

I love How Jesus responded to them he was like can your worry increase your day . Certainly not ! No matter how stressed anxious or worried you get the thing causing you to do all that will still be there

This letting Go is not for people of the world it’s for us believers. Them if they let go everything will fall into pieces but us when we let Go Jesus the good Shepherd  takes over. It’s not the matter of a sheep doing the sheperd job it’s allowing the shepherd do his work . Letting Go is not an act of Irresponsibility but acknowledging you can’t make it unless you leave it in the hands of the One who created the universe


And Jesus is that good Shepherd 


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