You keep telling yourself you are not good enough
Are you possibly going to love yourself?
Because every time you look in the mirror you don’t like what you see
the pimples,stretch marks,loss skin Gap between your front teeth
Over analysing every part of yourself destroying yourself esteem
For crying out loud the pictures you see on television and social media will never show you the stretch marks loss skin or any negativity
Unfortunately you keep comparing yourself to them
You are filled with so much comparison that it’s constantly consuming you
You compare your body
You compare your face
You compare your clothes
All because you have decided to burry your treasures under the expectations and opinions of others
I wish I could tell you you are perfect by just been you
And I mean it I wish you knew how much I adore you
How effortlessly you do some stuff and manage to put on a smile even when everything is rough
I wish I could tell you that every single day until you start believing it too
If making a mistake makes you think you are a mistake am pretty sure you are mistaken 

I hate seeing you cry because every time you look in the mirror you see something you don’t like
Pimples are natural
Stretch marks are natural
Loss skin is natural too
When are you going to realise that
Because this going on battle you have with yourself it’s a loosing fight
Yeah! I know you don’t have a perfect body
But reality check most people don’t
When are you going to realise you have more to offer the world than just been pretty
Because like an endless circle you keep on sinking and sinking
And now that you are loosing you resort to midnight cries and wonder why
Comparison keeps telling you you are fat lazy and worthless
But am here to tell you you are a son or daughter without Rivals
If only you win the battle within the outside one doesn’t matter
Until you quit the comparison you will always thirsty for more

Why are you constantly seeking validation from others on what you really need
If you think this will help you in any way let me be the first one to tell you
It won’t!
It hurts me very much to see someone I care about so much to be incredibly so unhappy
Just the word comparison is so negative and ugly
Comparison is so dangerous that it has a case on people mentally
It brings insecurity and reduces one self-esteem
But am here to tell you something new
Everyone is looking at somebody to get ideas
But trust me you are called to do something unique
When I say unique I mean portal type, so representative,without Rivals
And not having the latest Nike shoe or pink hair
So for the first time in your life time keep calm let yourself breath
And remind yourself am a Daughter or Son without Rivals 💪💪💪



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