These days when I look around my spirit sinks the world gets darker and darker what more evil is left for man not to commit ….Been a Manchester  United fan it leaves me in shock and dismay upon hearing the terrorist attack at the famous awesome  beautiful Manchester Arena I thought it was very awesome  No evil can occur at the Arena inspite it been the biggest concert arena in England Salman Abedi 22 years still had the guts to bomb the place in association with Isis on Monday  22 May 2017 during Ariana Grande concert…worse the man’s parents  are African though its confirmed he wasn’t alone on the attack apparently 3 arrests have been made …worst all the suicide bombers are in there early twenties  youths what happened to the spirit of UBUNTU like our morals are decaying faster than a frog swallows a flie..The world will keep on getting darker minus us changing  yes us change starts with us ….let’s join our hands and change for together we can oh yes we can

Facts will never seize to exist just because  they are ignored the fact that this attack was inhuman evil and pointless must be respected in fact I would state it as American president Trump said it was done by some losers in life seriously  this is real selfishness .This as brought fear among the people in Manchester  they feel so insecure anyone can easily break into them  now ..According to investigationdone 119 people have been reported  injured ..some are seriously  wounded such that they are mostly likely  to lose there limbs and some other important organs have been damaged .22 people have been reported dead !dead! so heart bleeding among these are Manchester united fans and others this is a loss my heart cries for Manchester  …unfortunately among the dead victims is sofia Rose an 8 year old girl Ariana Grande fan seriously this is inhuman  the little baby hasn’t  lived her life mind you I guess  she and her parents  Also once had dreams of her been 22 years like you Salman Abedi the suicide bomber all her dreams potential gifts and without rivals quality where killed that night by you losers yes selfish losers as Trump calls you .This is a premature death and scripture is so against 

Words can’t express my grief nor me blogging  will  joy be restoref in Manchester. ..This is the part where I support  trump building walls and chase illegal immigrants  like it brings safety to the people or maybe we just need presidents who pay much attention to the safety of people. ..youths we still have hopes everyday we hear of how decaying the youths are becoming but we can change the headline. ..Manchester  United  I guess a win in tonights final might bring some joy to the recovering  Manchester  city all the best . Finally what makes my heart bleed more after every terror attack Islam are involved and the whole religion is blamed at the end of the day that very unfair you can’t judge the entire religion by ten or twenty people reaction its not like the whole religion  is full of terrorist  No wonder I love Linda Saso the American leader for the women movement not all Islam evil in fact Salman Abedi ddnt bomb Manchester Arena because  his Islam no but because  he is a loser who is selfish …Manchester will recover the worst is behind it hurts but by God’s Grace will recover 

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