Do you find it hard to ask for help

Are you the ‘I want to be independent’ person?

Do you feel uneasy when asking for help?

Have you ever felt like you are becoming a burden when you constantly ask for help from someone?

Well this one is for you.

I am one kind of a person who feels uneasy when I constantly ask for help. I don’t know I just love the independent life and for sure I’m not the only one. Today I thought I could talk about this.

In as much as the reason for living an independent life is good, God never created us to live that way we all need each other. No man is an island, God has created us in such a way that we are all interdependent. There’s a unique quality in each one of us that the other needs. No matter how we try to run away from this truth we always find ourselves asking for help why: God wants us to be humble people.

Now for disclaimers seek I am not here to condemn those who don’t ask for help. I am here to suggest atleast let’s get easy with ourselves. I am here to tell you that you are actually not the only one who is facing this, we are a lot and it doesn’t make us any less good. Give yourself some space it doesn’t mean you are not enough when you ask for help, it’s normal we are all human.

Today make it a habit to ask for help when necessary and from the right people because other people will use it against you. As for you be the help that others need. You are because I am and I am because you are.


“Every person you meet in your life has got some hurt and wound deep inside of them and they are desperate in need of your love and acceptance.” lysa Terkeurst

For Such a Time as This!!

God has given each of us a job, position, resources, education and more. God has opened opportunities to optimize His kingdom purposes. He didn’t place you or me where we are so we could eat figs all day long or post pictures on social media. He’s placed us wherever we are because we are in the midst of a battle, a war. You and I are in the midst of a seismic conflict involving good versus evil.

To miss a kingdom assignment because we’ve become too caught up in our personal kingdom is one of the greatest tragedies we could ever face. An entire nation was grateful for how Esther responded to Mordecai’s rebuke. Their lives were spared. How many souls can be spared in the culture where we live today when we choose to step up to service, even if it involves sacrifice?


1 GOD IS LOVE: Growing up I had a wrong concept about God, I use to think God is this holy Righteous man up in Heaven waiting for me to break the law so he can punish me. I spent most of my time living in unhealthy fear of God because of this wrong perception . Today on my 20th Birthday I have come to realise that actually God is extremely the opposite of what I thought, God is love and his love for us is constant, unconditional, and unshakeable . It’s not something we work for he freely gives to us and nothing can separate us from his love, no height nor depth not even our sins. Despite our flaws God still love us.

2 A STRONG SUPPORT SYSTEM BRINGS A HEALTHY LIFE: The People you decide to be around you and close to you need to be for you, they need to be the first ones weeping with you when you are weeping, they must celebrate when you are celebrating. I have come to realise that your support system needs to be strong otherwise you will have unhealthy relationships around you.

3 FORGIVENESS IS PERSONAL FREEDOM: To be Honest forgiving is not as easy as people try to put it, especially if the person who offended you is not even sorry for what they did. After twenty years I have come to realise that actually forgiveness is more beneficial for the offended person than the offender because unforgiveness is like cancer it only destroy the host. The more we fail to forgive the more we lock ourselves in bitterness. It’s like taking poison and expecting the offender to die but when we decide to forgive we walk in so much freedom and peace of mind.

4 YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS TO HOW A PERSON REACTS WHEN YOU TELL THEM SOMETHING: It’s funny how we say things and when people react to them we say they have overreacted. To me this is one of the most draining statement I have ever heard. When you say or do something how people take it is different from how you think they will take it thus don’t get shocked on how they react people are different.

5 WHEN SOMEONE GETS INTO A ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP,THEIR PARTNER BECOMES THEIR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY: For so long I lived with so much unnecessary emotional drama everytime someone close to me gets in a relationship because the attention they use to give me would change. I never understood the fact that when someone gets in a romantic relationship priorities immediately change. This is an important fact to be known especially by those close to the person to avoid emotional drama.

6 A PERSON WHO DOESN’T LOVE THEMSELF, CAN NOT LOVE SOMEONE ELSE: Maya Angeluo once said “be careful when a naked person offers you a shirt” the point she was stressing out is the fact that someone who doesn’t have personal love can’t love others. Like come on how can someone share something they don’t have? I have come to learn that If I wish to show love to people first and foremost I need to love myself.

7 IF SOMEONE DOESN’T HAVE GOD THEY CAN NOT LOVE: I am sure after reading about self love you asked yourself how can I love myself? The Bible tells us that God is love, so the only way we can have love is when we have God. It’s only when we know and believe how much God loves us that’s when we too can share his love to love ourselves. I have learnt that when we soak ourselves in God’s love then it will uneffortlessly drip from us!

8 JESUS IS GOD’S PEACE PROJECT: The Coming of Jesus Christ on earth was a well planned peace Project by God. God sent Jesus Christ so he can bring peace between him and the lost, rebellious and sinful world. God knew that mankind needed redemption from Sin and the greatest price that can ever be paid for this redemption is Jesus his only son. Coming to know this fact that God had to send his only son to come and die for us so they can be peace between him and us is crazy!

9 NOW THAT JESUS IS GONE, THE CHURCH IS THE NEW PEACE PROJECT! When Jesus Ascended to heaven he left his Church with a great Commission. He commissioned the church to go around the world, preach the Gospel and make disciples. In short the peace Project has been extended to the church, I just found out that God is now using his church to bring peace between him and the lost, rebellious and sinful world.

10 THERE’S NO GOOD OUTSIDE GOD: It’s sad how whatever society labels good we automatically think it’s from God but to be honest there’s a good that’s very rebellious to God. No matter how good people have labelled it, if it’s not God’s word it’s not good for you. I can proudly say today that I have learnt this important truth “There’s nothing good enough for me outside God.”

11 NO ONE IS TOO BUSY IT’S A MATTER OF PRIORITIES. I have come to realise that no one is ever too busy it’s just a matter of setting your priorities right. If someone is ever busy maybe to meet you just know you are not on their atleast top 10 priorities. No one is ever busy!

12 BE INTENTIONAL ABOUT GUARDING YOUR HEART. When it comes to guarding your heart against toxic people you need to be extremely intentional, never allow any person to take advantage of you or make you feel bad or insure about yourself. The best solution to do when it comes to such people is give them a distance ( it’s possible to love from a far.)

13 LOVE LIBERATES: Love liberates it doesn’t hold on that’s not love it’s selfishness. When you love someone and they want to leave you let go, you don’t hold on. When you hold on it doesn’t really mean you love them, but you are so selfish you can’t allow them walk into their desired freedom.

14 EMPATHY: When you have not been through something don’t be quick to judge how people react to certain things, sometimes it takes experience to understand how certain people react to certain things. However, if you haven’t been through something try as hard as you can to reason with the person from their point of view.

15 LOVE IS AN ACTION WORD: Love is more than just saying: I love you. No there’s more to love than just saying. Love is a verbal it’s something you show through your actions. You can’t tell someone you love them yet you can’t even give them a penny when you have plenty. I have come to realise that you get to know more about who loves you in the way they treat you.

16 STEREOTYPE IS CAPTIVITY: If you know me personally you then know how much I hate stereotypes, stereotype to me is used by people who think they shouldn’t be more than what they have seen. I have come to understand that stereotype actually make people to live in bondage due to fear of being real. People now have to live according to how society has set rules at the end of the day making them loose their true identity.

17 WE ARE SAVED BY GRACE: Jesus left all the glories of heaven came to the broken earth and became sin though he knew no sin . He was judged on calvary on our behalf, he was broken so we can be made WHOLE. He did this and much more so we can be saved. All this looks unfair but to him it is ok because his GRACE is that amazing.

18 HEAVEN IS A FREE GIFT: Now that we are saved by Grace, heaven has become a guarantee not because of our works but because it’s a free gift that comes along with accepting Jesus as your personal lord and Savior. I repeat heaven is a free gift it’s not something you work for!

19 CHRISTIANITY IS NOT A RELIGION: What makes Christianity different is that it’s not a religion, it’s a personal relationship you get to have with God. Unlike other religions that just concentrate on your outside Christianity deals with the heart. God wants to have a relationship with you so everything can flow from love and not demand. This is why he wants each and every one of us for who we are. So I can gladly say today that I have a personal relationship with the greatest king.

20 COMPARISON IS A THIEF OF JOY: It’s sad how we live in a world ruled by comparison when we are all living different lives. People are frustrated today because they want to live like others and since its impossible they end up unhappy. I have realised that the easiest way to get stressed is when you begin to compete, contrast and compare.

Guys I am so excited today is my birthday . I just turned 20 I know I will miss been a teenager but on the other side I am so excited. God is so faithful this far he has brought me #EBENEZER


Jesus didn’t enjoy the cross, he didn’t enjoy the nails, he didn’t enjoy the shame but still he endured it all because of the Joy ahead of him. What was before him was more powerful than what was around him!

I don’t know what you are going through but please stay focused because joy is not a feeling but focus.


Hello wordpress family, To be Honest recently I have not put much effort in my blog work it’s not that I wanted to but I was so occupied . This is why I recently had to cut off somethings so I can fully concentrate on my blog, life, God and School .

Starting today January 11th expect more of me blogging, commenting and just participating in other things here on wordpress. I have reduced on social media and other things that kept me occupied so I can spare more time .

I am really sorry to those who follow this blog for not been consistent as I am suppose to and not putting in more effort in my work. I will do my level best to improve my habits . I also want to say thank you very much for those who kept following this blog despite me not consistently blogging…. THANK YOU!

Let’s Do This !!!!!