Genesis Mwamba is his name the presentation of who he is Genesis Mwamba his name the introduction of flame 😏πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

His dark talks louder hates small talks and Didn’t need you to confirm his good look

He traded doubt for hope faith and Patience 

His sure his future will shine sparkle and dazzle πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Grace is not a doctrine neither is Grace revolution a movement Grace is a person in fact Genesis Mwambas Father his name is Jesus πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜†πŸ˜†


He Has learnt

His still dark, talks louder and didn’t need you to confirm his good looks
It’s his light not his darkness that most frightens him
He traded his fears for hope courage and Grace
Upon hearing Jamie GRACE Testimony he was taught to pick up his scrambled pieces and redesign his puzzle
He was sure his puzzle will gleam sparkle and dazzle
He is not the turtle that wouldn’t move fast yesterday he may still have the same legs but these are designed to run night and day
Grace has taught him tip toing ,proving points , social acceptance and human approval lost rights from him
He took off the garment of naive and clothed with confidence
He has learnt the Art of coming down from trees like Zakeils and have meals with the most high

You won’t find him been satisfied with cheese and crackers
Take no offense this version is here to stay no pretences
He’s has a past but he now thank God it didn’t last
He learnt he is a son of God and not a slave of his past
Like the Israelites some whisper to him you are a slave of pharaoh with determination and courage he responds am a son of God
He Rebukes the slave mentality and proclaim he is a son hearding to the land flourishing with milk and honey
He learnt to let go of the old and receive what is new ,What passed is passed all that mattered was how he bounced back
From his old Ashes God removed Average ,mediocrity, self pity and Aromered him with beauty
Bought him on a high price and gave him the royal serpent
Like Gideon even his enemies now know his Royal

He may not be clothed in labels and the like he still holds the royal serpent
Even if the moon collide with the stars his still uplifted
He has learnt his values are not determined by what clothes he wears but the one who dwells in him
For his sake not even Jesus was spared Yes his God just does that
And now with boldness and rights he approaches the throne of Grace
Gaze as he takes it all
When dawn breaks ,His heart quirks
Though he treks later he bursts
Like an overloaded truck his bones stand
Knowledge static wisdom sunk life in flights



I recently posted about my church elevation and this week been love week . To shade more if you missed my post which I also advise you to check in this week we show love through actions like you just add some flesh to someone’s none

Ok today Sunday the 23 of July around 12pm coming back from church wondering in my heard on what I should do or offer aid since it’s love week and am so excited about it πŸ’ŸπŸ’Ÿ used my usual root going home hoping God to use me to show love to someone may be help someone with luggage or help someone do something ok I had a number of thoughts but God works in different ways. I pass by this not solving some math and I could see is having a hard time.  A small voice tells me to offer aid I ignore it but as I go it becomes louder am left with no option than to turn and go back 


Now how will I approach him first of all his a stranger and in this generation where people are deadly how will I do this all those and more ugly thoughts brutally massacred me . 

Me. Hello is the teachers/ Hospital compound 

Him: am not sure am new here

Me;wow you are solving math can I help 

Him ;Sharp

Wow I hope it’s not hard thoughts watered my head but I did additional mathematics in school I guess it will not be that hard . It’s statistics one of my best . I helped the boy he was so excited and I was too . To my surprise his a university student and am not wow God has his own ways

Scratchy but awesome

And that’s how I showed love in day two so extraordinary πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ™Š

Love Week


Have you ever asked yourself why you do something so effortlessly and a good number of people fail

God as blessed you to bless others. Show love time smiles jokes to those who need it . Am an online member of elevation church and this week it’s love week from 22_29 July 

This week we show love to the elders, needy , broken any one who needs love Share some love and let love led . 

And as we let our own light shine we unconsciously give others permission to do the same …

The Good Father

Most of families are destroyed in this generation the rate at which straight families are divorcing is just too fast for this reason most families are in short supply on a good father
I would love to share two true life stories

My lovely Dad 

Joel Osteen once shared a story of his old school mate . The man had a father who was a drunkard abused substance and use to insult as well. This affected greatly his marriage and his family . Eventually he Discovered his grandfather had the same behaviour as his father hence this issue was generational. This man wanted to end this and make a difference unlike his father and the others in the blood line . He figured out on his own he wouldn’t make it hence he rushed to Jesus for help and Jesus welcomed him embraced him and fulfilled all his father failed at once he felt loved and cared for that he became also a good father

They is is other man who never saw his father because he died 3 days after his birth he missed the opportunity of knowing or seeing his father. Despite been fatherless he had a sickness that caused constant sores on his head which gave his friends chance to make fun of him . Praise God the mother was caring and a woman of God who made sure to introduce his son to Jesus who saved the space of a father in his life and at the age of 21 he was called to be a preacher he is the famous John Gray

The moral lesson here is that Jesus is the good father . What are you passing through what fatherhood opportunity did you miss out Jesus is ready to fill that space. He is more caring loving and desiring to give you all just request and he shall surely do so . He is the good father rush to him πŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ’Ÿ 

The Little Maid

In chemistry for some reactions to take place a catalyst must be present if not so the reaction won’t occur . 2 kings 5:1-4 shows us one of the greatest miracle recorded in the Bible a miracle that involved big names a chief commander Queen Prophet .amusingly true the catalyst wasn’t with a big name it was just a little maid . GOD loves to use small things to shame the wise don’t underestimate yourself God can still use you
Namaan had leprosy but the Lord still used him to do major things he was the greatest and respected soldier victorious and mighty .stop paying attention to your weakness God can still use you to do exploits just rest in his finished work more over he is strong when you are weak
The Little Maid was forced to be a slave in a foreign land perhaps they even killed her parents but she rose above her anger and paid back good for evil. An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind vegence is for good embrace others with unmerited love
Inspire been small the little maid still spoke until she was heard I guess it wasn’t easy to convince them as she was just a maid but her persistence and love she managed
Stop concentrating on who you are and how many times you have tried persist until you are heard … Let’s embrace the fruits of a little maid πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

HappY BirtHdAY NchiMunYa

The moments we have spent are unforgettable
Having you as a twin sister is reasonable
And the joy of having you on Earth is undefeatable
If you where my child I would ask you to stay
I would treasure every moment we spend as we play
Yes her sweetness never ends she is not like bubble gum

With a click in her step and a bounce in her walk
Her voice as soft as a dove
Yet mountains tremble at her mere talks
She is not the chicken that wouldn’t fly yesterday
She may have wings but these are meant to fly night and day
She is not a conqueror she is something more she is more than a conqueror
Those knives you strake her with those stones you threw at her are now her stepping stones

She traded her doubts for hope faith and Patience
She took off the garment of naive and clothed herself with confidence
Capable inspirational virtuous she is a worrior
You will never find her weaping tears or living in an area of past tenses take no offence this version is here to stay no pretences
She has been remodelled and reconstructed
Her nose button like
Her smile graceful
Her mind persuaded
With determination and courage she rules because she is able

LIFE had taught her to pick up her broken pieces and rebuild her castle
She was sure her future will glim sparkle and dazzle
She is building a thousand new doors for all the rust ones that shut in her face
She walked through hell and left hell a tale
She marched through the coals of fire and didn’t fail
And the most blessed person is the one who will wear her ring
Mr & Mrs Choongo are blessed to Have cherry the star. Cherister NchiMunYa Choongo Happy birthday with much love from Your twin Brother Gusto 😍❀❀😍❀
This is my present and needs no further description 😍😍😍


More to my Story

Everyone has a story and each person  is the best teller of their story . Caution : wheneveryou hear a story know they is more to it that what you just heard . Fact we don’t tell everyone our story how much we trust some one is directly proportional to how much we tell people our story *There is none wrong telling your story in different angles to different people * . For this fact you can’t just step in someone’s life and judge the entire story a scene doesn’t define an entire story . You can’t just watch one scene of the story and begin to judge someone . Jesus was born in a manjer but that wasn’t his story …if you only saw parts of Joseph Story you would say he is a prisoner others would think his a dream even a king if possible  . Don’t be fooled by a scene they is More to the story 

Scenes are decieving

Worst scenes make up the best story and worst scenes don’t define the entire story . One might be experiencing an emotional breakdown or a betrayal perhaps it’s can be a failure but  that doesn’t  define your story . Keep in mind they is more to your story . The same God who bring the rains sometimes allow famines in our life so we can understand  the importance  of  not judging our entire story from a single scene . Moreover light shines brightest in the darkest places and after the darkest hour comes the brightest  day .

Darkest scene makes the story lit πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Everyone  writes their story and it consists of three parts . Where you started, where you stopped  And how you got there when you begin to connect the circles in life you discover  that everything happened for your good 

Connect the circles
The best example  one can think of is the woman whose child was brought back to life by Elijah . The woman thought she was doing something for God but not  knowing God was doing it for her . The woman was wealthy and had everything that one required but never had a child . God used this to give her a child awesome right? But they was more to the story  the child died it was up to the woman to choose that to be her story or a scene  fortunate enough she made it a scene and her child was brought back to life . We have the power to make a scene our entire story or a scene as it is . Caution : If the story is not well then it’s not the end  continue pushing