When it comes to being saved there’s something that I struggled with, something I believe other people are struggling with today because of the misinformation or should I say misinterpretation of scripture going on, the question been “What will take people to heaven or hell?” I was made to believe that my daily works is what will determine whether I will go to heaven or hell. I heard people say that every time I sinned my name was removed from the book of life and every time, I confessed it was put back. It was like there’s so much uncertainty with where I will spend eternity and what will determine is whether I die with repented sin or unrepented sin in that moment.

To be honest this made me live in fear as an individual, obviously no one wants to spend eternity in hell and the fact that it was uncertain for me I was really scared. One thing fear did to me is that I started confessing sin religiously, not really out of love and truth but out of the fact that I don’t want to go to hell. My confession of sin was fear driven; the exact same thing Jesus came to liberate us from. However, after learning more about salvation, grace and eternity my mindset shifted to the truth and I am so excited that there’s so much liberty and assurance here on the other side of called truth. I have come to realise that what will take people go to hell or heaven is not necessarily sin but whether they have Jesus Christ or not.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

John 3:3 Jesus answered I am telling you the truth no one can see the kingdom of heaven without been born again.

Romans 10:9 because if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead you will be saved.

There’s one pattern that is clear in these scriptures and that is eternity through Jesus and the only way to partake of it is accepting Jesus Christ as your personal lord and savior. Now why Jesus? When Jesus came on the face of the earth, not only did he live a righteous life, he fulfilled the requirements of the law too but it didn’t just end there: he went on carried all our sins on his shoulders and was judged for them. He knew no sin but he became sin for us and he paid for all the requirements of our sins and he paid heavily, he actually overpaid for all our sins. Now the only way to partake what Jesus did for us is by being born again as he responded to Nicodemus in John 3:3

Believing in Jesus is the only route to heaven, everything else is not true. Our works won’t take us to heaven, eternity is a free gift none of our works can obtain. The moment you try to work for or pay for something that was initially a gift it stops been a gift. I know right living comes with believing in Christ because we are now empowered to do what we couldn’t do in our strength but still works is not what will make people spend eternity in heaven it is believing in Jesus. If it is by works then the thief at the cross doesn’t qualify in fact none of us does. We are going to spend eternity in heaven not because of our works but because of God’s Grace and we believed in it!

Romans 11:6 But if it is by Grace it is no longer on the basis of works; other wise Grace would no longer be grace.

I have come to realise that the entire Grace narrative is too good to be true to our human minds, this love and free gift is too overwhelming so by trying to make sense out of it we try to add a little bit of works to it but one thing we forget is that even the fruits we are able to bare now are not because of our strength but because GRACE has empowered us to do what we couldn’t do. The narrative has completely changed, there’s a shift of things it is no longer about our less strength but Jesus’ greater strength. There is so much assurance in the Grace Scandal, I love calling it a scandal because it is mind blowing!

Now does it mean we live a reckless life? Certainly not I am a deep believe that actually it is righteousness by works that make people live sinful and not Grace. I don’t believe that a person who genuinely believe in the Grace of God can continue living in sin. Yes, they will sin at times but because they understand God’s forgiveness they will rise from where they failed and continue that’s the beauty of Grace. It is about Jesus empowering us to do what we can’t do in our strength. I am also sure that their people who take try to use Grace to sin and abuse Grace, these people don’t understand Grace and they didn’t genuinely believe. You can’t dive deep into water and fail to be wet! You can’t be born again and continue living in sin!


I don’t want to be known for finishing strong but as someone that your Grace carried all along

Thank you very much for reading the last installment of this project on Grace. I am really sorry for posting this blog late, I was really held up with school I didn’t want to rush today’s segment. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to comment down below, keep being awesome!


God knew that the law wouldn’t make anyone righteous but how come he still went ahead and gave it even punished those who failed to live by the law? The best way to answer this question is when we look at the scripture in

Gal.3.23 – Now before faith came, we were held captive under the law, imprisoned until the coming faith would be revealed.
Gal.3.24 – So then, the law was our guardian until Christ came, in order that we might be justified by faith.
Gal.3.25 – But now that faith has come, we are no longer under a guardian,
Gal.3.26 – for in Christ Jesus you are all sons of God, through faith.

God gave the law so that man can finally see that righteous through works is impossible, come to the end of himself and see the need for a savior. When we look at the old testament under the law no one managed to fulfil the requirements of the law, each and every person miserably failed. Sometimes it takes failure to realise I can not do it on my own I need a greater hand. When man failed and it was clear righteousness through works is impossible the desire for a savior grew in man. Same as us there so many times we’ve tried to do it on our own but we’ve come to see that all our best attempt could never keep our weary hearts from drowning. Then the need for a savior arise.

The law was given at a distance through a servant Moses but Grace and truth came nearer and was given through the son Jesus Christ. The time the law was given 3000 people died but the time grace was given Peter filled with the holy spirit preached and 3000 thousand people were saved. Paul in second Corinthians 3:6-8 tell us that the ministry of the law is of death and condemnation while the ministry of Grace is of life and righteousness. The law is always demanding, it is always about what you can do for God but Grace is what God has done for you. We all need to rest in Grace, Grace is not a subject or a topic Grace is a person and his name in Jesus Christ.

Self-righteous is a route to condemnation, when you pick the journey of depending on your own works a mistake most of us make after being in the faith for a long time, you are heading towards failure and sin and this is a very fertile ground for condemnation. The enemy will make you feel bad about yourself and try to convince you this whole Christian thing is not for you and once you’re entangled in the cycles of condemnation you join the sin cycle. However, even when you fail after trying, God doesn’t leave us, he is always there, he actually sends an army to rescue us and all we need to do is respond to him and rest in his Grace once more. When we rest in his Grace, he empowers us to do what we couldn’t do in our own strength.

Dear Reader, Grace is not just for getting born again it is Grace that will sustain you all the way through your race until you finally see his face. Jesus came and fulfilled the law for us, he is the only one who met all the requirements of the law and all we need to do is believe in his finished work and we will posses everything he did for us. Keep resting in his Grace.

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What happens when on gets born again? Usually being born again is only narrowed to eternity but in as much as eternity is great and it is a free gift being born again is actually more than just going to heaven being born again is experiencing heaven on earth too. Yesterday we established the fact that Jesus came on earth, fulfilled the law and died for all our sins so that whoever believes in him and his finished work will be saved. Today I want us to look at some of the thing salvation comes with.


When we read Romans chapter 8, we find Paul in the first two verses saying, “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. For the law of spirit of life has set you free in Christ Jesus from the spirit of sin and death.” When we make a decision to believe with our hearts and confess with our mouth that Jesus is lord and savior there’s no condemnation for us. When Jesus died on the cross he was punished and judged for all our sins, our condemnation and our iniquities and when he said finished, he made it clear that God is satisfied with the Judgement.

There is nothing we can do that can make God condemn us ever, Jesus finished work on Golgotha was more than enough. The spirit of condemnation only keeps one in the bondage of sin. When a person allows the enemy to condemn them they begin to think they are unworthy and there’s no hope for them, but today I want to remind you that no matter how messed up your life is God is saying I don’t condemn you, come back to the city of refuge, confess your sins, get empowered by Grace and go and sin no more! There’s no sin that will ever make us too messed up to approach the throne of Grace, no sin is greater than what Jesus did for us.


We find Paul in his writing to the Galatian church in Chapter 2 verse 16 say “ yet we know that a person is not justified by works of the law but through faith in Jesus Christ, so we also have believed in Christ Jesus, in order to be justified by faith in Christ and not by works of the law, because by works of the law no one will be justified.”

When we take the decision in faith to be born again immediately we are justified. Our Justification is not about what we can do for God but what God has done for us. Yesterday we established another point that, it is not about what we can do for God but what he has done for us. He has justified us through Jesus, our justification too is a free gift and we must freely walk in it. The mistake most of us make is that we try to earn Justification something God has already done for us through Christ Jesus.

Dear Reader, you’re justified and there is nothing that will change that because you didn’t earn this salvation it was freely given to you through faith. We shouldn’t feel guilty or be apologetic about the free gifts salvation has given us, instead we must step and walk in them through faith. Let us allow ourselves to be loved and justified through the finished work of lord Jesus Christ.


It is actually sad that most of us spend our time trying to be righteous through our works and we miserably fail at it. We are not righteous through our works, the law is righteous but it failed to make man righteous, we have been made righteous through the finished work of Jesus. Our righteousness is found in Jesus not our works. We are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. Jesus came and changed the narrative it is no longer about us because if it is about us obviously, we will fail but instead it is now about Jesus working in us! When get born again immediately we are made righteous and we need to walk in that.

2Cor.5.20 – Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, God making his appeal through us. We implore you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God.
2Cor.5.21 – For our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.


However, since we are now justified and made righteous through Jesus and his finished work it doesn’t mean we live a reckless life. I adamantly believe that the Grace of God does not give us the liberty to live in sin but actually it empowers us to do what we couldn’t do in our own strength. Where we are weak the Holy spirit is strong and he gives us strength through grace. We now don’t depend on our strength but the strength of our lord Jesus Christ. When we look in scripture each and every person Jesus showed Grace it came with empowerment to live better. It is inward transformation bringing out outward transformation.

2Cor.12.9 – But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

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There is a story in John 3 where Nicodemus a ruler of the Jews visited Jesus at night they are having a conversation and I love how Jesus responds in verse three he says, “Jesus answered him, Truly, Truly I say to you unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.” In this response Jesus makes one thing certainly clear the only way one will be part of God’s Kingdom is by being born again. If you are hearing of the word born again for the first time, like Nicodemus I am sure you are puzzled by what does it mean to be Born Again?

John 3:16 For God so loved the word that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believe in him shall not perish but have everlasting life. I want us to start with John 3:16 in this Grace Scandal project, I love how clear this portion of scripture is, it makes it so clear that:

  • God loved the entire word
  • He gave away his only son
  • The only way to have eternal life and not perish is by believing in his son Jesus

I want to bring it to our attention that before Jesus came on the face of the earth in human form, the only way to be saved and be righteous was through the law, it was about what you can do for God and man terribly failed when we read the old testament we don’t find any character who managed to keep the law as a whole not even David the man after God’s own heart. The law is perfect but it failed to make man perfect. The law is holy and righteous but it failed to make man holy and righteous.

However, since God loves us so much, he sent his son Jesus Christ on earth to come and fulfill the law for us and die for all our sins, past, future and present so anyone who believes in him and his finished work on the cross of Calvary will be saved. This is not by our works because our works ultimately failed and left us seeing the need for a savior but instead through the finished, perfect and accepted work of our lord Jesus Christ. This makes one point clearer, “salvation is a free gift no one should boast of.” It is no longer about what we can do for God but what he has done for us.

Perhaps you are now asking how does one get saved? How does one get born again? How do I believe in Jesus and his finished work? Paul tells us that faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God, when you hear about Christ and his finished work your faith grows then you make a decision to believe. After you have believed you need to confess with your mouth that Jesus is lord this is why at church mostly when people are getting saved, they say the salvation prayer. There is power in confession.

Rom.10.9 – because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

If you are not born again and you would love to receive Jesu into your life please click here so we can have a direct conversation.

It is by Jesus’ finished work we are saved!

Otherwise thank you very much for reading the first installment of The Grace Scandal, if you have any comments or questions where you are not clear feel free to leave a comment in the comment section down below, Have a productive day.

The Grace Scandal

“He already loves me the most he could love me.” Accepting this statement is not easy as basic as it sounds, it is deep and requires a lot of humility and wisdom to believe it. Accepting that God already loves me as much as he could ever love me. Even when I am on my highest peak or my lowest and worst day he still loves me as much as he can ever love me. Believing that God’s love is not based on my doing but because he is love is quite cardinal for a believer.

“No matter high I could climb I can’t make him love me more.” There times I have thought perhaps the reason good things are happening in my life is because I have been faithful recently or the reason God is blessing me is because I have been frequently praying recently but that’s not the case. There’s nothing wrong with being faithful but that’s not why God loves me. God’s love is constant never dependant on our deeds.

Sometimes when we begin our Christian journey we try to approach it with a a bunch of rules. Where we don’t mess up with God. Yes there’s a relationship and in a relationship good is needed but there’s nothing we can do to make God love us more and there’s nothing we can do to make him love us any less. God is love, the most important thing we must be willing to share as Christians should not be our love for God but his love for us. It’s ok to be loved and it’s ok to allow this love in our lives. He loves us so much and there’s nothing we can do to make him love us less.

I will be starting a series next week called The Grace Scandal it was inspired by a conversation I had with my roommate. In this series I will be sharing on salvation, eternity, what will make people go to heaven or hell and How Jesus changed the narrative of Grace. I hope we learn from this series.

On a completely different note, I would like to apologise, I promised to share on friendship on a Wednesday almost two weeks ago. Unfortunately I couldn’t but I promise to do so as soon as I can. Thank you Be kind to one another😊!

I Can’t Save Myself

“I can’t save myself but coming to my rescue is what you do so well and when my strength has failed the story I will tell is how your love refused to leave me on my own, when I couldn’t save myself.” Morgan Harper Nicols

I usually tell people I’m found with: no one cleans them self before taking a shower, if Jesus is the shower why do we try to clean ourselves before going to him? These words sound easy and profound but I am learning they are very easy to go against. It’s more attractive to try to clean yourself before going to God than it is to go unclean.

In as much as that’s the case, it’s not supposed to be that way. We put so much expectations on ourselves that not even God has put on us. We try to save ourselves which we always terribly fail at no matter how much we try. We’ve tried so hard that most of us have already given up thinking it doesn’t work or we are too messed up for God, but that’s not the case. The case is that we can’t save ourselves.

This is something I have been learning recently. I am beginning to rest and allow God to work. It’s not easy but it’s worth it. To be honest I have come to realise that most of the important things are not easy. There’s no easy answer but God doesn’t waste anything even the bad things. I just wanted to share with everyone that today I’ve officially agreed “I Can’t Save Myself.”

It turns out in the end that all my best attempts could never keep my weary heart from drowning. I don’t know why you stay or why you love me this way but I surely want you to know that I am grateful.” -Morgan Harper Nichols

I don’t know why you stay or why you love this way, I surely want you to know that I am grateful.

The past few days or perhaps weeks the holy spirit has been teaching me so many things especially my social life. On Wednesday I will share what the holy spirit taught me about friends.


Today’s Segment is in form of a video, Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Please no spoilers when sharing today’s segment.

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Recently my nephew sent me a quote that really ministered to me, it was such an authentic quote, to an extent it inspired today’s segment of Relatable Monday. Today’s segment is not really my personal story but rather a common story I believe we all share but hardly or never talk about because it is an ugly truth. This is something we all know is true and we don’t want to talk about because we desperately wish it is was never part of our story. The quote read:

“How do you fight your inner demons, when they know your every move? How do you get the upper hand when, to hit you it’s yours they use? How do you outsmart them, if they can watch your brain? How do you survive in this psychological and spiritual terrain? You can’t hide anything from them because they keep the key to your skeleton closet. So, tread carefully, because they just might hide you in it.”

I’ve had many people approach me and say: Genesis I know the right thing; I want to live right but it’s like what I want or what I plan to do is exactly the opposite of what I find myself doing. Sometimes I feel like I have two people living in me one is a small innocent kind who knows what is right and wants to do what is right and the other is an adult who is opposite of the kid. Every time I am doing the wrong things or living away from what the scriptures say I hear the little kid scream save my soul but it’s like the adult’s desires for these things surpasses the kid’s broken voice when he screams. I only get to feel the brokenness of the kid after I have done the exact same things, I wish were not part of my story.

To be honest it’s that bad that I can’t even promise that next time the temptation will come I won’t fall for it. It’s not that I have little faith but experience speaks multitudes. There times I am from praying asking God to remove this from my life and ten minutes later I find myself doing the exact same thing. There days I repent and believe my freedom is finally here, days where I feel like I have finally overcome, days where I even tell myself look where my chains are now sin has no hold on me, but one or two months down the line I will find myself doing the exact same thing. The exact thing I planned in the morning I will stay away, the exact thing I prayed against in the morning, it’s like I want to be the light but there’s just so much darkness in me.

This experience has made me relate to Jesus’ words in the garden of gethsemane on quite a deeper level when he said, “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.” There days where I feel like even saying the flesh is weak is an understatement because if the flesh was just weak it would coordinate with the spirit and help me out, especially knowing just how desperate my spirit and soul doesn’t want this. I have tried to pray, I even fasted but still the flesh seems stronger than my prayers and fasting. What help video haven’t I watched on YouTube? What strategy haven’t I tried? They all seem to work for some time but still just a month later I will find myself walking on the same path moving from hero to zero. I feel so weary that sometimes I just get to believe this is just the story of my life and there’s no hope.

Having a genuine relationship with God and living for God seem very hard, I fail to relate to Jesus’ words when he said my “my yoke is light and easy to bare” my experience is far away from that, what makes me so weary is not that I don’t want to live for God, I genuinely want to do so, but I just find myself vulnerable to my flesh. I even fail to ask for forgiveness from God sometimes because what’s the whole point when I know I will find myself doing the same thing? What is the whole point when I will be on my knees again asking God to forgive me from the same things two weeks later and still it won’t be a guarantee that my chains are finally broken? Sometimes I feel like I have no control over myself or perhaps this is just the way I am supposed to be and my worst fear is that people who know me get to know this.

There days where I actually picture how the response can be if the people who look up to me were to know this. I have been broken for so long, I have struggled for a while now when will I stick together. It’s not like I wished this could be my life story but life experiences have got me here. I have been holding on for so long but will I have forever? When will I see the better? I honestly want to be free but why do I keep moving in the same cycles? Some people have tried to say all things work together for good, but what other good is there apart from me walking in the freedom I desperately need? It’s like I’m being held hostage and I have no strength to escape.

I have heard suggestions like open up to someone, trust me it’s not easy as it sounds. When I think about it, I wonder what if I open up to the wrong person someone who will put my dirty laundry in public? Someone who will leave me feeling worse and endorse every bad thought I have about all this? Imagine I decide to open up and things get out of proportion? What happens to the people who looked up to me, what happens to the little reputation I’ve tried to build? What happens to my effort? Opening up is not as easy as you people make it sound it takes a lot of risking and I am scared I’m not up for such kind of risks. Hiding these skeletons in my closet even though they keep the keys seem to be better than the risk that comes with opening up.

Moreover, it’s not just the fear of opening up to the wrong person but how do you even explain to people there days you do such kind of things? Where do you even get the strength or courage to share your dirty little secret? How do words even manage to describe those horrific acts? All I am saying is that opening up is not as smooth as people make it sound it’s rough and it requires a lot of sacrifice. There certain things that the mouth fail to comprehend and only the mind can. It requires rising above many thoughts, many fears, many possible outcomes to open up and I honestly think I am not ready to take that path.

I actually thought when I give my life to Christ things will automatically shift but I found myself having the same desires I had before. I try not to pay attention to them but they are quite deep I often find myself trying to meet their demands, by doing the exact things I have prayed and fasted for so that God can take them away from me. I am not complaining but this is a glimpse of what goes on in my mind. These are the thoughts I wrestle with on almost a daily basis, this is why I try so hard to remain busy and not think about this. Imagine, just from me explaining you’re exhausted and you want me to stop but what about me who can’t shut down my busy mind?


Mizu, is a word in Chewa that basically mean root. There two roots of this problem one of them is spiritual and the other is psychological and to face this struggle we need to approach both the roots. I want to start with the psychological only because when we have these discussions, we don’t address the psychological root and as long as this root remain unresolved relapse is inevitable. When Jesus dried the fig tree, he dried it from the roots because as long as the roots are in the soil the exact same tree will grow again.

You have to understand that in psychology there are triggers, in other words there are certain situations that make your mind release certain chemicals in your brain and they make you want to do somethings in certain settings, they’re triggers. For example, you’re on you phone and see a meme that gets your mind triggered leaving you with a desire to do something similar. You go ahead and do something similar or worse, it wasn’t just the meme but the trigger too. For some people when they go back into their apartment or in their room, when they’re alone by themselves these things happen.

When they’re at church or with a group obviously these things don’t happen, when they are with friends it doesn’t happen, but when they are on their own it happens, meaning being alone is part of the trigger. If an individual finds them self in such a situation it is important to find out; when does this usually happen? Where am I when it usually happens? What usually triggers the whole scene? It is important to figure out the problem place, problem time and triggers this will help you deal with the psychological roots by committing to adjust to these triggers and it will demand a lot of sacrifices.


When a person asks, how many times should I keep returning to God if I keep repeating the same sin? Often, they are at the verge of giving up and giving up or growing weary is the bait of the enemy to cause people to despair from the mercy of God or lose hope that the will ever change. How much mercy does God have if I keep confessing the same sin over and over again? It doesn’t even look sincere and such thoughts is the starting point for the enemy. The enemy uses this point to bring in thoughts like, if God is all powerful and he loves me so much as he says why can’t he just take away this cup from me? Why do I keep doing the same thing?

There is no sin that God can’t forgive us no matter how many times we fall short, keep approaching the mercy seat, keep going to the throne of grace, keep returning to the city of refuge that is your home, there is absolutely no sin greater than God’s grace. Every time you confess your sins and ask for forgiveness, God forgives you even when you feel it’s too much perhaps that’s why you are not God. No matter how many times you have confessed the same sin before when you confess again, he forgives. I love the response Jesus gave when Peter asked how many times, we should forgive our neighbors when they wrong us in a day.

I am sure when Peter suggested seven to him, he thought Jesus would be impressed like wow all that even five is enough Peter but no Jesus say 70 times 7 which is equal to 490. If the lord expects that much of forgiveness from us it is pretty obvious, he is going to live to his standards and even more because he is God. This portion of scripture shows us what the personality of God is, he doesn’t grow weary when it comes to forgiving us, even with the same sin. The enemy has set a bait which is us growing weary so we can give up and when we give up there’s no more hope. You can continuously approach the mercy seat, don’t give up, don’t lose hope in the mercy of God.

We have two aspects of us the spiritual and fleshly nature that’s why we feel like we have two people living in us the spirit is gentle that’s why we tend to describe him as a kid, the flesh is rough and these two are always battling, to make one thing clear gentle doesn’t mean weak and rough doesn’t mean strong. Understanding the old sinful nature and new spiritual nature will make us realise we are on our journey to healing and perfection and the journey to perfection will always be there as long as we live. This will make us be patient with ourselves and God too, overcoming cycles sometimes take longer than we expect. The margin between our expectations and reality is called disappointment, let us learn to embrace the process.


Every time we confess our sins God forgives us but that should not be an excuse to keep sinning instead it should be a strong foundation to our journey of healing. When we confess our sins only to stop feeling guilty, we short circuit God’s grace. When it just ends on confession without renunciation and repentance, then all we wanted was forgiveness and not repentance. God’s Grace goes deeper than just forgiving our sins, God’s grace empowers us to live free from sin but that is not a one-day event it’s is a process, nothing that huge was built in a day and that’s where patience with self and God comes in.

Renouncing and repentance requires us to take some intentional steps, the fact that you have realised you keep confessing the same sin over and over again is a sign that you are weak in that area. When I realise I am weak in this area I need to pay special attention to that area, I need to make serious verbal confessions that this has to stop, of course not in my strength but God’s strength. I have tried my strength and the end is always the same what if I tried strength from the author of strength? When we decide to depend on God’s grace as we take intentional steps, we fully inherit what Jesus did for us on Calvary and not short circuit his grace.

Rom.8.1 – Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus,


The opening part of the book of Hosea tells a story of Hosea’s marriage to a woman named Gomer, she was unfaithful, she was a prostitute even after marriage she still went ahead and committed adultery. The intriguing thing about this story is that God tells Hosea to go and find his unfaithful wife, pay her debts to her lovers and commit to his love and faithfulness to the wife again. Then God says all this the broken and repaired marriage, the children it is all a prophetic symbol of telling a story of God’s relationship with Israel. God has been like a faithful husband to Israel, he brought them out of Egypt, he entered into a covenant with them at Sinai and asked them to remain faithful but when they entered the promised land, they worshiped Idols

God had all the rights to divorce them but instead he chose to pursue Israel again and enter into a new Covenant with them because of his love, mercy, compassion and faithfulness. Where do we fit in Hosea’s story? We’re like Gomer we are unfaithful but because of God’s love and Grace he still pursues us. There’s no amount of sin that is greater than God’s grace. If there’s a sin God cannot forgive, then what happened in the garden of Eden is greater than what happened in the Garden of Golgotha.

At your very core, in your very epicenter you’re a son or a daughter of the most-high God. You’re bought of a price and God has loved you with an everlasting love, you were chosen before the foundation of the earth and he loves you to pieces even though you have rebelled, even though you have done what he doesn’t like, he loves you and he can cleanse you. He will not give up on you and neither should you give up on him. Everyday is a new page Yes, yesterday you sinned against him but tomorrow is a new day he is saying “neither do I condemn you go and sin no more.”

Today, I won’t pray but I want you to listen to this prayer I will take it as the closing prayer please click here.

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