Genesis Mwamba is my name the presentation of who I am .Genesis Mwamba my name the introduction of flame

I am a Miracle of Grace and I proclaim Grace everywhere I Go! This blog will overflow with GRACE and you will benefit from it .

Grace is not a subject and Grace Revolution is not a movement. Grace is a person and His name is Jesus. The Grace Revolution is an explosive Revelation that occurs in the innermost sanctum of your heart when you meet Jesus Christ.

Then let the Revolution Begin !



Paul is believed to be one of the most adamant preachers of the Gospel in the new Testament. He wrote about 13 books in the new Testament and the last epistle he wrote was 2 Timothy which is believed to be written from prison . Now one of the the things Paul wanted to echo in this epistle is to adamant about the word of God!

2 Timothy 1:13-14
[13]Hold fast and follow the pattern of wholesome and sound teaching which you have heard from me, in [all] the faith and love which are [for us] in Christ Jesus.
[14]Guard and keep [with the greatest care] the precious and excellently adapted [Truth] which has been entrusted [to you], by the [help of the] Holy Spirit Who makes His home in us.

We see in this portion of scripture that actually false doctrine started entering the church as far as Paul’s time. This is why Paul is begging Timothy to stay focused on the true Gospel. This is the Gospel of Grace, love , kindness , Mercy and forever loved.

Just like those days even today the false Gospel is attacking the church of Christ. But has people who know the true doctrine of Grace . Let’s stay Adamant about it and spread it .

I want you to shout “I am Adamant! “




IF you noticed the first two parts I talked about the importance of inspiration and authenticity these mainly apply to the writing part of the poetry and promised to share on the performance part too . Today and tomorrow I will be sharing on the performance part.

When it comes to ministering poetry your voice is really important. Your voice projection can either steal people’s attention or loose it. When doing poetry be as clear and audible as possible don’t be too fast people won’t get anything. Poetry is written to be heard!

Your voice character must be in line with the type of poetry one is doing. For instance when you are doing a sad piece come out as a sad person. You can’t come out with a jolly voice when you are talking about bullying. NO! Your voice must match your message

Finally don’t over dramatise or change your voice. Poetry especially spoken word I believe is a platform to be real and authentic yes you can dramatise your voice to suit the message but please don’t over do it . You end up sounding fake and unreal.



How To Write Poetry


When it comes to poetry the most important aspect is INSPIRATION . People find it hard to write poetry because they wrote without inspiration. How can you write something with something moving you from the inside? Good Poetry is just a fruit the seed is the inspiration! No matter how you dream of writing a lit poetry one if nothing inspires you, you will never write one .

Moreover, most people write technical pieces because they lack inspiration. They have no where to start from so what do they do? Search the dictionary for big words and think of all the rhyming words, why? They have nothing to put on a paper ! When you are inspired to write something its more like you are full and immediately you get a paper or laptop to type you overflow. Inspiration is that important.

Now how do we get inspired? Pay attention to your surroundings, pay attention to the controversial topics and reduce on small talking , involving yourself in big meaningful conversations. This way you will get inspired quickly . I remember writing a piece without rivals It all started when I noticed how compulsory is robbing us (that was the seed and the beginning of the piece , The poetry itself was just a fruit ) . When you get triggered and inspired you easily easily write a piece of poetry .

However, the best place to get intrigued to write a poetry piece is when you are emotionally broken or down . Instead of just crying why not do something creative out of your emotions? Most of my poetry I write when am either over excited or emotionally down. The last piece I wrote HESED. I wrote it after I felt overwhelmed by the love of God! You too can get inspired by your emotions.



How To Write Poetry


Poetry especially spoken word poetry I think is one of the easiest Artistic pieces to write I believe any one can write spoken word! I know you are like “If only you knew How much I have tried,”now hold your fire . Most people find writing poetry hard because they want to be too Technical. Instead of concentrating on delivering the message they concentrate on making it rhyme or have punch line .

It’s not compulsory that poetry has to rhyme no! It’s just compulsory that it touches where hands couldn’t and deliver the planned message. Technicality makes a piece unreal and loose it’s authenticity. Personally this is one of the reason I fail to read some novels. They are extremely technical to an extent something that can be stipulated in two paragraphs takes three to four pages. This
is unoriginal and unthentic !

When you are writing a spoken word piece before you wonder if people will snap, applause or appreciate bring out what is just running through your mind. I think most technical poets lack inspiration( will highlight more on this tomorrow) because if you have inspiration you literally just put your thoughts on a paper and not look for rhyming words or punchlines or even big words . I think the best time you can ever be very real and true to yourself is when writing a spoken word piece .

Moreover people even rarely get the message out of a technical piece . Yes they will appluase or snap but they won’t get the message you are trying to bring out . Do we do poetry just to get snaps or share a message to people? What am I trying to stress out ? The first step to take when writing a spoken word piece is being real and original. It doesn’t matter if it rhymes or not as long as you have brought you thought out its OK.

Yes you can rhyme but I prefer unintentional rhymers than intentional. When you get too Technical the message is not clear and your piece loses its authenticity ! To be continued. DROP YOUR VIEW IF YOU ARE A POET.



It’s one of the ways I capture moments which I consider to be very beautiful. Most times I hear or witness a beautiful moment And I need to capture it before it goes or extinct. I love to write poems on controversial topics , Life stimulating ideas , young men and women related issues , Priceless Moments , stuff I consider outside the box , Dreams ,ideas *others say am too idealistic * ,science the endless list of things I consider very beautiful goes on

For example I find the issue of love and infatuation to be very awesome like its an Altar almost the whole world surrender to it in hopes of taking them to places of Radical exhortation It’s that powerful so I find doing poems on it so fascinating and Big
I enjoy writing poems on Personal moments a quarter of my poetry are personal experience .I just find some incidents to be priceless and rare for example being betrayed that moment is hurtful but it just has too much beauty in it and its priceless *its not like we pay to be betrayed * I find writing a poem about it to be fascinating and previlage its not like you get betrayed everyday .

Poem based on the problems in the community carry too much magnitude and beauty in them let’s take the Manchester Arena Bombing who would have the guts to bomb one of the world’s greatest Arena which is hosting one of the best Artist from the greatest nation on the face of the Earth ?*America * fascinating !
I love to write Poems about Jesus and his Grace . Jesus has no boundaries he goes as far as setting a Table in front of my enemies and promises not to be harmed the power and beauty and Hesed is too much & you expect me not to capture it in my poems?
I write poems to capture beauty I don’t even have to make it perfect as long as it comes out from my head btw there’s is also beauty in imperfections

I know a good number of people started to read This post but they stopped because It’s too long that’s also beauty I will write a poem on it

P.s I will be sharing four tips on how to write poems and performance from Wednesday to Saturday 😎😎


New Month Vibe

“June is done July is here of course in my country both months bring winter but that’s not an excuse to carry last month’s Mediocrity, Avarage ,Self pity and Human Approval . Time to think big “
The fact that is a new month we have to also renew our thoughts plans and ideas . Moreover they is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that the people around you may not feel insecure. Your playing small does not save the world

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure
This is a new month leave yesterday’s failure and concentrate on the present unconsciously you make friends with the past to embrace the present and encourage the future . Don’t let last month failures bring you down you are a child of God playing small won’t help you serve the world … it’s not just in some of us its in everyone and as we let our light shine we unconsciously help other to overcome there fears.

New Month Play Big
How Do you recover from yesterday’s mistakes make Resolutions in this month. Seat down alone pray to Dad in heaven to help you check where your morals failed check where you made that horrible mistake try and see what you failed to get right and what the main cause was and make Resolutions .



Growing up I was what most people would call a HYPOCRITE
Who would stress over their Christianity
And dedicate most of their time looking down on others
Yet struggling from Sin self condemnation and Addictions
Which they have vowed never to share with anyone in fear of loosing the Christian Identity


From a very young age it was installed in our brains that
All by your WORKS
Though it never made Much sense to me
Because the scriptures said
but since it came from the people I looked upto I had no option but to go with flow.

I remember hating it with a passion when someone asks me


I didn’t care about Eternity I barely remembered a day without sin
To be Honest I never knew the answer to that question
Though I quickly responded HEAVEN to keep my Christian identity safe .

I never really paid attention to the whole concept of Grace
To me Grace wasn’t more than a name of a person or a frequent Subject I would hear from a bible study at church
To be Honest I didn’t know what Grace was
Until 2016 a year I will live to remember the year I personally encountered the person of Jesus

Then I realised Grace is more than just a name of a person or a subject. Grace is Christianity Grace is everything Grace is the reason we are all gathered here . Grace is the reason I can boldly stand here and give a spoken word piece . Grace is a person and his name is Jesus!

Yes the Jesus of NAZARETH.
The one who was BROKEN so we can be made WHOLE
The one who REJECTED so we can be ACCEPTED
The one by his STRIPES we are HEALED
The one who knew no sin but became SIN for our sake
The son of God who cried for the first time in history on the cross of calvary my God! my God! why have you forsaken me? so we can have the right to call him Daddy God! Abba Father!
The one who defeated the power of SIN and DEATH so we can be called the RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD IN CHRIST.

So Today when you ask me ” Genesis Where do you see yourself spending Eternity if Jesus came in the next one hour?”

By his Grace I will bodly say the NEW JERUSALEM !