Genesis Mwamba is his name the presentation of who he is Genesis Mwamba his name the introduction of flame 😏🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

His dark talks louder hates small talks and Didn’t need you to confirm his good look

He traded doubt for hope faith and Patience 

His sure his future will shine sparkle and dazzle 🔥🔥🔥

Grace is not a doctrine neither is Grace revolution a movement Grace is a person in fact Genesis Mwambas Father his name is Jesus 😍😍😆😆



Follow You

You bring light to darkness
Offer hope to the hopeless
Give strength to the weary
Parent to the orphans and above all you breath life where there’s none .
Somehow you’ve called me chosen somehow you’ve called me yours
I may not know what you doing or see what you seeing
Today might seem hard and tomorrow may seem uncertain
But I know the Author of Today and Tomorrow is here with me

         So I Will FOLLOW YOU

In my heart I want to trust you but my sight is telling me to let go
Should I stay or should I go am stuck in the middle
Everytime I gaze upon my life am left speechless with a salty drop falling from my eye
How everything just happened too quick I never imagined
The flashbacks and memories are very fresh as if it was yesterday
Hitting me so hard in all the corners of my mind .
RIGHT before I almost just give in a small loving voice reminds
Who am I to question the plans he has for me!

         So I Will FOLLOW YOU

I dont not know what you building
I can’t see what you are seeing
Everything keeps freaking me out
The cut yesterday’s pain put on me was just a little bit too deep
The wounds seem not to be healing there still fresh.
This has sucked all the life out of me.
Yesterday is too creepy ,Today is very hard and Tomorrow seem uncertain.
I will still not give up I am sure
THE Author of Tomorrow is here with me

          So I Will FOLLOW YOU
Today’s Anthem was really heavy for me to write, it was inspired by Jay she’s 19 years old and she lives in kitwe . She presented a story on how life lately has been challenging to her. She lost her father when she was very young and now her mother in the first week of January died too. She said even though life may seem to be hard for her and it looks like God is silent she is sure he is working something good behind the scenes. She asked for an Anthem to declare in it that even though I walk through the valley of death I will follow God. As usual 7:30pm !



It’s 6:30 pm am seated on the floor over thinking and overanalyzing how the last few hours have left a mark on all of us
I am trying to swallow in everything that just got revealed hours ago
Like come on I knew I will get good results and my marks will gleam sparkle and dazzle
But I never expected David of all people to get better results than me
Come to think of it I always did better than David in all the exams we wrote but how come now ?
How come I am facing the world with results less than David’s ?
I feel like a boy drowning what if He cheated
But even though I vowed to do even much better than those who cheated !

I still can’t swallow all of it in
I have made it I got 8in8 I am pretty sure all my high school teachers will be proud of me
Who thought I can do better than Mary ?
My thoughts are blowing like a typhoon and revolving like the moon
Just to think of it
Oh I almost forgot let me find out just how many people have gotten straight ones
I see who else is in my league of intelligence
Juliet got 10! I knew it I am the best student in that class
How come David got 8in8 I feel I insulted ,really,

Come to think of it,why is Amanda asking each and every person what they scored ?
Yes we know she has straight ones
But that gives her no rights to make us look inferior
I am so disappointed in myself
Oh God do you even exist? I remember studying and praying more hours than Amanda and Juliet combined
But here I am today with points I never imaginedmyself getting
This is the end of me and all the pride I was left with . Oh My!

Today’s Anthem is inspired by the dramatic Grade twelve final examinations results. I came up with the Anthem based on the responses I saw ,got and heard from the people who where checking their results. I did the Anthem just to encourage them to rejoice for whatever comes their way . Like come on comparison is a thief of Joy. You are the unique you without Rivals even if others did better pay attention to yourself and be happy!



I know his history , I have read it in a book and I have heard of him from people .
I believe everything I read, I trust everything ‘ve heard and I stand for his history .
HEAVEN, gives strength to the weary
Increase the power of the Weak
And bring the dead to life
He is the home to the homeless
And Friend to the friendless
His voice is medicine that not only heal body parts but souls
His power is untraceable whales and Elephants are ants to it.

When you welcome him inside and cry your heart out to him he can turn water into wine
HEAVEN, can change sins as red as crimson to something white as snow
He can turn dry hurt land into an ocean of love
Crush Anger into sand and melt the solid grudges in hearts
HEAVEN mends relationships and make them ten times better
No matter how deep the cut of offense was heaven can heal it.
He is ready to bail you out in that prison of offence
And create in you a heart of love ,mercy , kindness and Grace
He is The author of love

He will teach you how offence is an incident but offended is an option
How hate stirs up trouble but love overlooks offences
How wounds can’t heal overnight and if not treated they will never heal
Heaven will remind you of what he did 2018 years ago on Golgotha
A weapon that illustrates how forgiveness can come even without an apology
Only when you put everything in his hands will all that is broken inside of you can fixed.
Heaven is not a place he is a person and His name is Jesus.

The story that inspired Today’s Anthem was presented by Zed he lives lusaka Zambia and he is male 😁. He said some years ago not very long some people really hurt him down to the core . They hurt him so much that he even failed to explain what really happened,he said it makes him very bitter. I  feel like it was very bad because he has been holding this grudge for a long time.  In the Anthem I present to him that holding to this offense is not good for him no matter how it hurt . John Bevere once said holding grudges is like drinking poison and expect the person who hurt you to die . 



Today’s Anthem is inspired by Kenias he lives in lusaka Zambia. His story is one I think almost every youth is either affected or infected . In his story he explained how when he was in High school he use to think the stories of Drug Abuse, Teen Pregnancy and increased crime rate by youths was a bit exaggerated or a fantasy. Until he completed high school and Joined Society where he saw all what he thought was fantasy is actually reality and what he thought was exaggerated to be underrated . He said the worst part is that his close relatives and friends also abuse substance which breaks his heart. It hurts him seeing how the youths are wasting their lives costing Zambia’s development. He prays for Revival among youths!

Something inside of me told the fantasy had already become my reality
The things I considered to be only in movies actually started becoming my day to day life slowly like baby teeth
The drama I only read in books especially the civic education one was turning out to be my lifetime experience
And the problems I only use to read in articles instantly manifested in the physical
I know I am not infected by this drama, fantansy and problems I only use to read in books,Articles and see in movies
Yet I am affected For it’s eating up most of my family and friends just too fast

The frequency at which Drugs are been Abused by Jevunile is leaving me in shock and dismay
Yeah I read about it in my civic education book but I thought it was a bit exaggerated
But I now feel it’s actually underrated
The most heart-torning part is that my friends and close relatives who I never imagined abusing drugs are actually the ring leaders of this show.
Oh I almost forgot its not only Drug Abuse I saw in movies but Teen Pregnancy and increased crime rate by Juveniles
All these have started becoming a day to day experience from the time I said Adios to High School .

Every time I think about how quickly everything I considered to be fantasy turned into reality my heart bleed
I fear for our National development because trust me if we continue with this absenity
We are doing nothing but fighting a loosing fight
Like come on I thought we are a Christian Nation ,
Is it that we are a Christian Nation just by label and not Actions Or WHAT?
If this is what my generation considers to be trends and Fashion I dare to be DIFFERENT,
And at the end of the day while trends and Fashions fade one thing will remain that am a little DIFFERENT!
Inspired by Kenias



February my favourite time of the year
Except the interrogations I get two days after my birthday
Happy belated birthday Tell me its Valentine How come you so pretty ,19 but you are alone ?
See I am not in a relationship because I wait on God’s time
And I can only date someone I see myself getting married to in future!
What happened to the boy we saw in pictures with you on instagram last time?
I don’t know he’s probably laying in bed and proposing to some other girls online , awkward huh?

Excuse me Mr waiter can I skip the line
They got reservations but I won’t take up time
While they wait for a table for love
I will be seated in the corner all alone

They say ,
You can’t be single and be content .
I think if you ain’t then your forgot common sense and biblical wisdom
I don’t need a prince to live like a princess when I am a child of a king
Royalty is in my blood am near to the throne
Don’t you know who my dad is he paid it all.
I pray for the man who waits for me at the end of the high way and I hope he’s praying too
I know it will take time to reach there
But I am happy where I am Team single all day
No boy girl drama , sharing snacks or compulsory good morning and good night texts
There pros and cons to every season in life .
So today I celebrate all my seasons in life for I asked Jesus and he told me am doing fine

Excuse me Mr waiter can I skip the line
They got reservations but I won’t take up time
While they wait for a table for love
I will be seated in the corner all alone

Anthem #6
The story that inspired Today’s Anthem was so very relatable,infact it was very easy and lovey to write it . When I just started writing it like almost everything out of me poured out 😁. The Anthem was inspired by Veronica she is 19 and lives in kabwe Zambia. In her story she explained how she is happy ,content and whole inspite been single. She explained how people are always asking her why she is single upto now especially on Valentine since its a few days away from her birthday , thinking she feels lonely but she said she is so happy in this season of been single and she wants to encourage all the singles out there who feel uncomplete to be completed by Christ and not Man


Good People


The moments we have spent are unforgettable
Having you as family and friends is reasonable
The joy of having you on earth is an undefeatable
And the gratitude of having you next to me is unreachable
If you where my children I would ask you to stay
I would treasure every moment we spend as we play
For your sweetness never ends you are not like bubble gum
You are not people who absorb everything like clay
And above all you alway remember to pray
I can Say you are GOOD PEOPLE

Do you ever look above the stars and wonder how far they are from you?
Do you ever hear the thunder roar and wonder how loud that sound can Go
As far as the eye can see
As far as the Sun bright light can reach
And as far as the snow can fall from the sky that’s how far my thanks can reach
Don’t you ever think for a second that your love goes unseen
A million miles can keep us away but not my thanks
I can Say you are GOOD PEOPLE

I sometimes seat down and just try to figure out this complicity so I can take it to its greatest simplicity on what I did to have you in my life
Your love is amazing your care is uplifting and above all you never cease to amuse me
I know this sounds too typical and not too original
But trust me imperfection also carry beauty
Thank you so very much Good People
Today’s Anthem was inspired by the Good People in my life my family my friends people who support my faith and my Art work thank you so so much . On my birthday Your love ,care,trust and support has inspired The Anthem. I appreciate God for you!



You keep telling yourself you are not good enough are you possibly going to love yourself
Because every time you look on social media you don’t like what you see
Zero likes ,few comment, No strong light or filters on your pictures
Over analysing every single part of Instagram
Destroying yourself Esteem
I hope you knew how beautiful you are by just been you
And I mean it I wish you knew no amount of flowers in the filter can match the beauty within you.

You keep loosing your original beauty and identity by pushing hard trying to be like who you see on facebook snapchat or Magazine
Having awkward days and weird nights trying to figure out who you are not .
I am sorry if no one told you or treated you like you are beautiful
Trust me You are.
You are a daughter of the most high
You are precious and he really loves you
I know the pressure and struggle from social media is real.
But why do you think they call it Diamond because its probably different from the other ones . Nothing good comes without struggles
If you don’t believe ask a mash potato

Stop thinking you are not beautiful, you are not good enough or not worthy anything at all
Put your shoulders back hope for something best
And walk around like you know who you are
Don’t worry if they don’t like you
Careless if they think you are not cool
If you ever tie your value to your looks you tie your worth to something changing
The maker of skies The make of seas The maker of every beautiful thing
He made you he made you too
So tell me what does that make you?
You are A Daughter of the king and he spoke first that you are BEAUTIFUL!

Today’s Anthem was so cool to write you know when you’ve been there it’s really fascinating. The Anthem was inspired by Emily who is having A hard time to handle social acceptance and Human approval. Emily is 15 years and she is from Atlanta Georgia. She didn’t personally email me but her Grandma who she calls Nana follows my Blog and Decided to share Emily’s story So an Anthem can Just remind her that no number of likes and comments on social media can match the beauty within her. I really love this story no wonder I put it on my Birthday Eve and I pray Emily remembers that her true Identity is in Christ.