She’s still light talks louder and didn’t need you to confirm her pretty

She took off the garment of naive and clothed with confidence

She traded doubt for hope, faith and patience

Jesus had taught her to pick up her broken pieces and rebuild her castle

She was sure her future would gleam sparkle and dazzle

She is not the same girl you all knew yesterday they may look alike in some way but this kind is revised and simplified


You won’t find her weeping tears or living in an era of past tenses take no offence this version is here to stay no pretences
With a click in her step and a bounce in her walk, her voice as soft as a dove Yet mountains tremble at her mere talks
She is not the same thing the devil barked at yesterday they may share the same body But this soul will leave you in shock and dismay
She has been remodelled and reconstructed


She is building a thousand new doors for all the rust ones that shut in her face
She runs faster lives unapologetically
What will stop her perse ?
She is not a conqueror she is something more: she is more than a conqueror

Virtuous Inspirational Capable Victorious she’s a warrior
Those stones you threw at her those knives the devil strike her with
She has armed her new castle with brave soldiers gaurding it above and beneath
She has changed and no longer needs your seal stating approved

With determination and courage she rules because she’s able
Her nose button like
Her smile Graceful
Her mind persuaded
She walked through hell and left hell a tale
She Marched through the coals of fire and didn’t fail
This is her story and needs no further description


Today is one of the most important days on my Calendar my precious sister was born. I am extremely excited about her life and the Christian she is becoming. I’ve had the privilege to see her grow in her Christianity from day one. I thought on her birthday I would summarise it in a poem, because her Testimony is just incredible. I hope you love this piece …may God continue blessing you! Apple

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If only, if only my hands will reach the clock of his garment
If only I will touch him, If only any part of me gets in contact with me
This pool of blood I swim in daily will dry up.
She meditated under her breath
She didn’t utter a word out , she didn’t speak a statement out
All she did was meditate on her desire
Sometimes Unspoken words carry power too .

Power to freedom from captivity and bondage
Power to healing from diseases
Power to perform extraordinary miracles
Power to turn situations upside down
Power to liberate from oppression
Power to turn mourning into rejoicing
Power to bring light in places of darkness .

Unspoken words are more than just thoughts
Unspoken words are more than just a mere combination of twenty six alphabetical letters not yet uttered
Unspoken words carry energy that can be transmuted to build and destroy
Unspoken words fertilise faith, Unspoken words build belief , Unspoken words push to reach your desires
Unspoken words attracts Grace

Unspoken Words carry power too!

Hello everyone happy weekend, I wrote this poem yesterday it was inspired by the woman with the issue of blood in the bible. She didn’t utter a word asking for her healing all she did was believe in the words she didn’t speak and touched Jesus garment, an act that changed her life forever. I wrote this piece to encourage myself that God answers Unspoken words too.

Hello , If anyone wants someone to talk to or wants to suggest me topics to write on then feel free to reach out.

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I don’t want you but I keep finding myself having you

I try to run away from you but the more I run away the more I advance towards you

I have tried to kick you out of my mind but you always find your way in

You are not good for me yet you are Adamantly obsessed with me

Why can’t you let me be?

I am sick and tired of you I honestly don’t want you

Leave me alone I am done with you!

Why should my life be surrounded by these four walls called Pride?

When I am not ignorant of the consequences of your existence in my life

My God resists the proud and gives Grace to the humble

Holy spirit, my helper in my power I have failed please make me humble


Last month I had a hard time with pride thoughts, I know pride is not good for me but sometimes unconsciously I just find myself entertaining thoughts that are pride centered. I decided to share this here so I can encourage someone that you are not alone and God loves you despite these thoughts. I ended the piece by telling the holy spirit to take control because his power is made perfect in our weaknesses.

Hello , If anyone wants someone to talk to or wants to suggest me topics to write on then feel free to reach out.

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They say you are some soul specifically a jolly happy one with a corn cob pipe ,button nose and two eyes made out of coal . Unlike Adam who was made out of clay you were fashioned out of snow . You were very joyful, happy ,funny and always an archetypal image ready to come alive in human consciousness . I am sure only children know how you came to life one day.

Every time I gaze upon you ,your beauty and features take me back to the reason why we celebrate Christmas ,Jesus Christ the son of God. You are white just like a pure soul and God’s grace. You are made of two snowballs that picture the love of God which is everlasting ,full and complete .Your eyes are made out of coal that resembles God’s almighty power for his people. Your arms are stretched for anyone just like Jesus who welcomes each and every person despite their current state.

Frosty you all about the laws of love and great tidings of Joy. How the children loved you , how you loved the children and how joyfully you played with them when you dwelt among them. All you cared about was to have joy before you melt away. All this still throws me back to the extension of how God loved the world and sent Jesus who brought tidings of Joy , redeemed us and tought us what unmerited true love is before he Ascended back to heaven.

Oh Frosty you are the greatest product of Faith ,only children who have the greatest faith know how you came to life one day for they believe in no impossibilities and beyond the laws of Science. Believing that you came to life takes faith . For faith is a substance of things unseen and hoped for. Your extraordinary coming to life pictures the extraordinary birth of Jesus Christ from a virgin Mary ,how I love you. Exactly like Jesus you told the children not to cry for you come back again some day.

So when I read your story its all about you, children,happiness,joy, love and Faith. Now I wonder where do I fit in as a grown up in your story it’s too good not to be in since you always remind me of my personal lord and Savior . Then I remember what Jesus said when he dwelt among flesh “unless you are like little children you will never see the kingdom of heaven.” I now picture the children as a metaphor for the church and you as Christ . I will humble myself as little as children and Jesus will lift me up.



She sang like a bird

Had a voice like you never heard

Sang every Sunday, choir rehearsal on Monday

with hopes that someday she would be somebody

she did spiritual acrobats in Soprano

The way she would jump from high to low and she always sang with soul

There was no note that she could not reach

She would start low and then wind to the peak

If only her heart for God was as rich as her singing

If only her voice wasn’t all that she was bringing

If only she could reach for her maker like she reaches for notes

that can’t in the end saver her

If only she was as spiritual as the songs she sang

-Sequoia. C




Thank you very much for reading. My friend Sequoia wrote this poetry piece and she shared to me. The message is so deep and clear I thought of sharing it too.

I hope you are reminded too 😊

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You controlled every aspect of my life and extremely damaged my brain.
You made me feel so bad , that I began thinking I was the one to blame
You hated me for being different.
You despised me because I didn’t walk , talk Act or believe like everyone else
Your hate was too much I started living like an island
What do you expect when I could find you everywhere?
You where the nightmare in my sleep and the loud voices in my mind when I am alone .
School , Church , Facebook, WhatsApp, Podcast, WordPress Name it you dominated it all
You made me become the victim of your fun!

People say hurt people hurt others
So what really happenedto you that you find joy when you make other people sad?
What happened to you that your happiness is now fueled by hate and negativity?
How do you manage to sleep knowing you treat people this way ?
And for you laughing in the crowd watching someone get bullied what made you so cruel ?
How possible is it that you find joy when you see other people being ill treated ?
What if you mended yourselves instead of breaking more people?

But as for me you won’t break me any more
I have found my identity in Christ
And it’s safe and secure in his hands
If being bullied is part of taking the cross everyday
And if showing love to you despite your hate is part of killing my flesh everyday
Your opinions don’t cut me anymore
Because I am who God says I am
I am a child of God
Created in his likeness without Rival
No matter how rude your words may be
When I realise the maker of skies the maker of sea the maker of every good thing created me too
I quickly forget what you said
But if Jesus was bullied to love them SO WILL I!



One of my churchmate, friend, workmate, sister was getting married on the 8th of September 2018 I was invited and I decide to do a poetry piece for them… I did it , the couple loved it and I thought of sharing it here…

Once upon a time in a land also far far away

There was a land made out of love so perfect that it never rained

The grass massaged you as you walked

And the wind blew by it sang

the mountains moved from side to side to get a small glimpse of God

They said he was the most kind hearted King anyone could know

On the sixth day of this land he created man but he saw it wasn’t good for man to be alone

He created man a companion and a helper his wife …..

And Today we can all confirm God saw it wasn’t good for Baston to be alone So he gave him Ruth.

Ruth , if there’s a way I could describe you

And you being like no other

Is only coming up with a statement ” you are a natural soul”

From the first time I saw you I noticed something unique about you

Your compassion, care and love was on point

Just from one conversation with you I learnt a lot

And as life went on you made me understand the importance of being Generous

You made me realise what the bible meant when it records blessed is a cheerful giver .

“Cause if didn’t know now you know.”

THE list goes on and on and on

WAIT but there’s one more thing that you have brought to us that we are so grateful and always will be…


They say a good wife is the husband’s crown and he who finds a Wife finds a good thing

I am confidently confirming these words everytime I gaze at you two today

Baston from the first time I saw you I knew you where blessed

Yes ! Not everyone can give Ruth a ring and say yes

Truly A prudent wife is from the Lord

I am sure you prayed to get her because that was the only key to her heart!