Hello wordpress family, To be Honest recently I have not put much effort in my blog work it’s not that I wanted to but I was so occupied . This is why I recently had to cut off somethings so I can fully concentrate on my blog, life, God and School .

Starting today January 11th expect more of me blogging, commenting and just participating in other things here on wordpress. I have reduced on social media and other things that kept me occupied so I can spare more time .

I am really sorry to those who follow this blog for not been consistent as I am suppose to and not putting in more effort in my work. I will do my level best to improve my habits . I also want to say thank you very much for those who kept following this blog despite me not consistently blogging…. THANK YOU!

Let’s Do This !!!!!



Addicts think if I depend on people or God, they will let me down. Addicts are very independent, self-directed people. They don’t want to rely on anyone, because they feel that they could be let down. They have a hard time trusting people. This usually comes from their dysfunctional family growing up. This is not about blaming, but identify where they became “ill.” The “addiction” becomes the “trusted source of comfort.” We don’t know how to ask for help. That is why this usually goes on and on and on.

After accepting your problem the next step to healing is opening up to someone and God.

But for most Addicts they think if I just do this and that all will be well. Unfortunately the more they try the more it gets worse. The best thing to do is submit to God and see him work through you. Share it with a Trusted friend or mentor or counsellor and see how much freedom you will walk into 😍.


The Lord is fighting for you — today and every day. You do not have to be afraid or worried when you are in His hands; you need only to be still.

He is with you. He is for you. And His strength is made perfect in your weakness. The same power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead lives in you, and He will work all things together for your good and His glory!

-Christine Caine


Hello how are you Blogger(s)?
Hope am not too late, wanted to be the first person to wish you a great December. I hope and pray your finances, your health, your heart, and all your desires are met, that you get what you deserve and need this December.

You could have encountered failures and struggle coming to where you are right now but tell you what may December bring you happiness and teach you it’s never to late to be happy. All the best this month and see you at the finish line.

No matter how The previous months were you can have a last one month! November was yesterday but it’s still the past move on from it and walk into freedom this month. May this last month bring injury time blessing into your month In Jesus’ name . HAPPY NEW MONTH!



It’s funny how most of the things people think will make them happy actually don’t make them happy but instead leave them even more empty , porn is one of them. Relationships on any level be it family , friends , school or romance plays a role in our happiness, happiness is love and love is relationship. Hence anything that damages our relationships affects our happiness. Porn has a tendency to change the way we relate with people around us.

As human beings when we watch something the neurones in our brain respond and react as if we are actually doing it. This is why when we watch we learn easily. Porn changes people , porn changes how we view things, porn changes what we love. and how we love . Porn makes us have a different perception on how we see ourselves and other people. Porn makes us change the quality of relationships in ourlives , porn makes decrease how much we love people. For men porn makes them think women are nothing but sexual objects and for women porn makes them think their only role is to be sexual objects.

Porn is not about relationships It’s all about selfish desire satisfaction, it’s all about me me me me me . It makes people change the way they view people they love, porn begins to bring in a mindset of less valuable. Porn is a recipe for rape because it makes men start trying out what they see on the screen. Porn is the main cause of the rising cases of teenage brutal sex like never before. Porn has a terrible impact on how people begin to view relationships. Porn changes how we express love , it begins to make people believe the only way to express love is through sex or anything related to intimacy. Porn makes people believe there’s no love without sex.

Studies show that people who watch Porn are more likely to divorce than those who don’t. During sex bonding hormones are released so when one watches porn they bond with the screen making them loose interest in relationships around. The people on the screen never say no and that’s not reality . Hence for someone who watches porn they feel unloved when someone in reality says no even if it’s for their good . True love is focus but what porn does it removes away the focus. When you watch Porn you get distracted from finding true and permanent joy by the temporary satisfaction it offers that leaves you even more thirst.


It’s so disheartening when the people who should be cheering for you the loudest, remain silent.
These are days where we need all the strength and courage we can get to run our race and finish our course. We have no time to waste or emotional bandwidth to spare, trying to convince those who should be for us to act as if they are.

Don’t try and carry those who want to pull you down.
Don’t waste time trying to convince others of your worth and value.
Don’t expend valuable energy minimizing you so that others feel more comfortable around you.
A smaller you does not make a bigger them.
Don’t try to hang on to those who have let go of you.
Don’t be controlled by those who won’t allow you to thrive and flourish.

Make sure those closes to you are for you, talk to you not about you, are not jealous of you, not threatened by you, not intimidated by you, not wanting to leverage you, and don’t want to be you. You need them to be them and to bring out the best in you.
Those closest to you are the ones that truly have the capacity to hurt or heal. Choose your circle wisely.



Our brain is more like the command centre of our body, it is in charge of all the information in ourlives. There so many ways that can change our brain, ways we invite ourselves especially and wire the way we think. This rewiring can change us in a very fundamental way. It’s funny how science is the one that keeps catching up with the truth while people catch up with science. Fortunately science is already catching up with the truth that the harms of porn are than we think . Porn harms our brains to an extent it changes how we view people, life and things .

Our brains are like plastic in the same way we can easily change the shape of a plastic we can easily change the shape of our brain. This is why we can learn things we don’t know because the more you try something the more you brain gets programmed in line with that thing (causing change in the shape). Everything we do structures our brain , the things we usually do get a big spot on our brain. Watching Porn reduces the size of your brain it changes your expectations and how one views life. The brain easily get attracted to exaggerated things no wonder people uneffortlessly cling to porn .Porn brings emptiness and thirtsness that will demand for more and new porn without permanent satisfaction.

The brain has got a part called the REWARD CENTRE everything that people desire to pursue is controlled by this part of the brain. The Brain also has a the upper part which is in charge of regulating the reward centre. For example when the reward centre says let me eat 50 pizzas the upper part says you will have stomach problem hence making us decide just to eat what’s just good enough. Unfortunately the upper part wears out when someone continues doing something despite it sending signals not to. This is why we have people today trying to quit Porn but they find themselves doing it, their upper part has stopped functioning properly due to frequent consumption of porn .

This is why we have people addicted to porn because the time the reward centre desired porn and the upper part was stopping them they still pursued it. Affecting the upper part of the brain and restructuring that part of the brain. Unfortunately when people reach this point they have no option but to continue consuming more porn . However studies show that porn recovery and restructuring of the brain is possible . When one opens up and put in effort to stay away from porn the part of the brain that was reduced by porn begin to heal and level up .

The process is rough and some scientist call it a battle but the healing is possible. Defend your brain that’s your first step to your healing take care of your brain. Despite the process been hard through human point of view I know of a father who can give you Grace through it and his name is Jesus . Run to him he is the greatest healer of all times he loves you and he wants to heal you. If you want to know more about him inbox me. #NOPORNOVEMBER #FightTheNewDrug #BRAIN