They say you are some soul specifically a jolly happy one with a corn cob pipe ,button nose and two eyes made out of coal . Unlike Adam who was made out of clay you were fashioned out of snow . You were very joyful, happy ,funny and always an archetypal image ready to come alive in human consciousness . I am sure only children know how you came to life one day.

Every time I gaze upon you ,your beauty and features take me back to the reason why we celebrate Christmas ,Jesus Christ the son of God. You are white just like a pure soul and God’s grace. You are made of two snowballs that picture the love of God which is everlasting ,full and complete .Your eyes are made out of coal that resembles God’s almighty power for his people. Your arms are stretched for anyone just like Jesus who welcomes each and every person despite their current state.

Frosty you all about the laws of love and great tidings of Joy. How the children loved you , how you loved the children and how joyfully you played with them when you dwelt among them. All you cared about was to have joy before you melt away. All this still throws me back to the extension of how God loved the world and sent Jesus who brought tidings of Joy , redeemed us and tought us what unmerited true love is before he Ascended back to heaven.

Oh Frosty you are the greatest product of Faith ,only children who have the greatest faith know how you came to life one day for they believe in no impossibilities and beyond the laws of Science. Believing that you came to life takes faith . For faith is a substance of things unseen and hoped for. Your extraordinary coming to life pictures the extraordinary birth of Jesus Christ from a virgin Mary ,how I love you. Exactly like Jesus you told the children not to cry for you come back again some day.

So when I read your story its all about you, children,happiness,joy, love and Faith. Now I wonder where do I fit in as a grown up in your story it’s too good not to be in since you always remind me of my personal lord and Savior . Then I remember what Jesus said when he dwelt among flesh “unless you are like little children you will never see the kingdom of heaven.” I now picture the children as a metaphor for the church and you as Christ . I will humble myself as little as children and Jesus will lift me up.


Testimony  (Word For The Coming Year)

Some where around this time last year on a Sunday during a church service at Elevation church, after Pastor Steven Furtick had preached he asked us to write a word that we want to describe our coming year ( meaning this year 2018). This took me time to write , because I had to think how I want my 2018 to be and summarise all of it with a word (not so easy right?)

To be Honest the biggest thing I was looking forward to in 2018 was to be admitted by the Copperbelt University( not any other university), study Medicine and Surgery and get a one hundred percent Government scholarship. Looking at these desires if you live in Zambia you can say I was so specific with what I wanted, because other universities offer medicine and Surgery and the government offers 75% and 50% scholarships too. In short all I wanted was the best to come out , for this reason I picked the word BEST for the year 2018.

By God’s grace the year 2018 began and I had already applied at the Copperbelt University waiting for the admission list. To keep reminding myself that the best is coming this year, I wrote inside the cover page of my notebook the word ‘BEST’. Two months down the line the admission list came out and my name appeared on the list , I was so excited that Atleast one of the things I was looking forward to this year had happened. After the admission list came out my friend told me since I wanted to study medicine and Surgery the student portals are now open for School of Medicine applications. I prayed to God, went on my portal and applied .

One month later, I heard a rumour that those who have been admitted to study medicine and Surgery at the Copperbelt University from those who applied, their portals are now reflecting. To be clear I asked around and to my shock the rumour was true . I was so nervous to check because I had left no room for a no especially with the word I picked for the year. Two days later while at work( oh yeah I even got a job thats another Testimony the best was beyond my expectations)I gained some courage and dragged myself to check. When I opened my portal OMG! GUESS WHAT? I was admitted I was so excited I shouted to an extent one of my workmate asked what was going on.

Days later the government called on students who were admitted by the Copperbelt University to apply for government scholarship. I was nervous because the process was long and demanding since I had no option I went through the process and my application was successful. Months later it was announced on our national broadcasting Channel that the list of successful applicant who have been offered scholarships will be released in one of the local newspapers the next day . I was nervous again because I only expected the best. The next day the list was released, I never bought the newspaper to prevent emotional drama😂. While at work I logged in on my WhatsApp just to find a text “I HAVE SEEN YOUR NAME IN THE NEWSPAPER.” I was extremely super super excited and when I checked my portal I was offered a one hundred percent Government scholarship. Isn’t God Awesome?

I was so overwhelmed by joy and I was so grateful because the Lord had been so faithful to me even though I didn’t deserve it but by his Grace he made a way for me. I am sharing this Testimony today because Steven Furtick just said “pick a word for the coming year ” again in one of his recent sermon and I have already done that . If God did it for me he will do it for you too… follow the following links to watch the sermon and pick your word for 2019!


Peace Project

What is Christmas to you? Personally I love Christmas very much because it’s the official beginning of the long promised peace project between God and humanity . Looking at the fact that while we were God’s enemies living in sin he sent his only son to come and be judged for our sins so that they can be peace between him and us is crazy .

Man sinned , messed up, went against God , God had all the rights to be angry with us, wipe out the entire human race and start over again or create other perfect creatures. Yet, in our imperfections he sent Jesus his only son who is holy and perfect to come and pay for our sin so the peace between him and us can be as restored . He loves humankind that much he sacrificed his only son for us!

This is why I call Christmas the peace Project because it on that silent night that it all began. It’s the birth of Jesus that takes us to his death and resurrection. It’s all starts with the birth of Jesus that Grace also comes in . Christmas is really huge to me it’s like one if not the biggest day on the calendar ….

The whole concept of this Peace Project is just too much 😭!

Merry Christmas


Addicts think if I depend on people or God, they will let me down. Addicts are very independent, self-directed people. They don’t want to rely on anyone, because they feel that they could be let down. They have a hard time trusting people. This usually comes from their dysfunctional family growing up. This is not about blaming, but identify where they became “ill.” The “addiction” becomes the “trusted source of comfort.” We don’t know how to ask for help. That is why this usually goes on and on and on.

After accepting your problem the next step to healing is opening up to someone and God.

But for most Addicts they think if I just do this and that all will be well. Unfortunately the more they try the more it gets worse. The best thing to do is submit to God and see him work through you. Share it with a Trusted friend or mentor or counsellor and see how much freedom you will walk into 😍.


“Taking an honest look at self is the only way to real recovery of any addiction”

Are you addicted to something and you really want to quit it? I don’t know what you are addicted to but the first step is been honest with yourself. Brutally honest I mean. When you become honest you kill denial.

Killing Denial in the sense that you begin to believe like this addiction is there and it’s worse than I thought it was. When you take this bold step it makes you begin to see what you couldn’t see because you were blinded by the addiction. Basically Denial is unawareness , been honest with self makes you enlighten and aware .

I want to share two steps with you that can help you be honest with self;

Take inventory of your past and present. Writing down your story on paper or typing it out is a healthy way to gain a better understanding of yourself, so you can recall memories and let the story flow from your heart.This step is a complete, thorough and exhaustive search of the self. This is often difficult, but also revealing and rewarding. It looks back at the good and the bad, and prepares you for the future. It is a moral inventory of your conscience, shining a light on all the uncomfortable, dishonest and unpleasant parts about your past and your addiction.

Take inventory of your past and present. Create a number line and call it Addiction history timeline . Write down from the time you were born upto date and see how the addiction started, expanded and how it’s affecting you . Then a month later write another number line and see if there’s progress or not …….. These steps look weird but they are an honest way of facing your addiction .

Hello , If there’s anyone who wants to talk about anything , who wants someone to talk their heart out can contact me .I’ll be happy to talk with you about anything . Contact me on Instagram @dr_Mwamba


The Lord is fighting for you — today and every day. You do not have to be afraid or worried when you are in His hands; you need only to be still.

He is with you. He is for you. And His strength is made perfect in your weakness. The same power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead lives in you, and He will work all things together for your good and His glory!

-Christine Caine