They say you are some soul specifically a jolly happy one with a corn cob pipe ,button nose and two eyes made out of coal . Unlike Adam who was made out of clay you were fashioned out of snow . You were very joyful, happy ,funny and always an archetypal image ready to come alive in human consciousness . I am sure only children know how you came to life one day.

Every time I gaze upon you ,your beauty and features take me back to the reason why we celebrate Christmas ,Jesus Christ the son of God. You are white just like a pure soul and God’s grace. You are made of two snowballs that picture the love of God which is everlasting ,full and complete .Your eyes are made out of coal that resembles God’s almighty power for his people. Your arms are stretched for anyone just like Jesus who welcomes each and every person despite their current state.

Frosty you all about the laws of love and great tidings of Joy. How the children loved you , how you loved the children and how joyfully you played with them when you dwelt among them. All you cared about was to have joy before you melt away. All this still throws me back to the extension of how God loved the world and sent Jesus who brought tidings of Joy , redeemed us and tought us what unmerited true love is before he Ascended back to heaven.

Oh Frosty you are the greatest product of Faith ,only children who have the greatest faith know how you came to life one day for they believe in no impossibilities and beyond the laws of Science. Believing that you came to life takes faith . For faith is a substance of things unseen and hoped for. Your extraordinary coming to life pictures the extraordinary birth of Jesus Christ from a virgin Mary ,how I love you. Exactly like Jesus you told the children not to cry for you come back again some day.

So when I read your story its all about you, children,happiness,joy, love and Faith. Now I wonder where do I fit in as a grown up in your story it’s too good not to be in since you always remind me of my personal lord and Savior . Then I remember what Jesus said when he dwelt among flesh “unless you are like little children you will never see the kingdom of heaven.” I now picture the children as a metaphor for the church and you as Christ . I will humble myself as little as children and Jesus will lift me up.



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