Testimony  (Word For The Coming Year)

Some where around this time last year on a Sunday during a church service at Elevation church, after Pastor Steven Furtick had preached he asked us to write a word that we want to describe our coming year ( meaning this year 2018). This took me time to write , because I had to think how I want my 2018 to be and summarise all of it with a word (not so easy right?)

To be Honest the biggest thing I was looking forward to in 2018 was to be admitted by the Copperbelt University( not any other university), study Medicine and Surgery and get a one hundred percent Government scholarship. Looking at these desires if you live in Zambia you can say I was so specific with what I wanted, because other universities offer medicine and Surgery and the government offers 75% and 50% scholarships too. In short all I wanted was the best to come out , for this reason I picked the word BEST for the year 2018.

By God’s grace the year 2018 began and I had already applied at the Copperbelt University waiting for the admission list. To keep reminding myself that the best is coming this year, I wrote inside the cover page of my notebook the word ‘BEST’. Two months down the line the admission list came out and my name appeared on the list , I was so excited that Atleast one of the things I was looking forward to this year had happened. After the admission list came out my friend told me since I wanted to study medicine and Surgery the student portals are now open for School of Medicine applications. I prayed to God, went on my portal and applied .

One month later, I heard a rumour that those who have been admitted to study medicine and Surgery at the Copperbelt University from those who applied, their portals are now reflecting. To be clear I asked around and to my shock the rumour was true . I was so nervous to check because I had left no room for a no especially with the word I picked for the year. Two days later while at work( oh yeah I even got a job thats another Testimony the best was beyond my expectations)I gained some courage and dragged myself to check. When I opened my portal OMG! GUESS WHAT? I was admitted I was so excited I shouted to an extent one of my workmate asked what was going on.

Days later the government called on students who were admitted by the Copperbelt University to apply for government scholarship. I was nervous because the process was long and demanding since I had no option I went through the process and my application was successful. Months later it was announced on our national broadcasting Channel that the list of successful applicant who have been offered scholarships will be released in one of the local newspapers the next day . I was nervous again because I only expected the best. The next day the list was released, I never bought the newspaper to prevent emotional drama😂. While at work I logged in on my WhatsApp just to find a text “I HAVE SEEN YOUR NAME IN THE NEWSPAPER.” I was extremely super super excited and when I checked my portal I was offered a one hundred percent Government scholarship. Isn’t God Awesome?

I was so overwhelmed by joy and I was so grateful because the Lord had been so faithful to me even though I didn’t deserve it but by his Grace he made a way for me. I am sharing this Testimony today because Steven Furtick just said “pick a word for the coming year ” again in one of his recent sermon and I have already done that . If God did it for me he will do it for you too… follow the following links to watch the sermon and pick your word for 2019!

Sermon: https://youtu.be/Z5_c-5AzoHE
Word: https://elevationchurch.org/gamechanger/


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