Peace Project

What is Christmas to you? Personally I love Christmas very much because it’s the official beginning of the long promised peace project between God and humanity . Looking at the fact that while we were God’s enemies living in sin he sent his only son to come and be judged for our sins so that they can be peace between him and us is crazy .

Man sinned , messed up, went against God , God had all the rights to be angry with us, wipe out the entire human race and start over again or create other perfect creatures. Yet, in our imperfections he sent Jesus his only son who is holy and perfect to come and pay for our sin so the peace between him and us can be as restored . He loves humankind that much he sacrificed his only son for us!

This is why I call Christmas the peace Project because it on that silent night that it all began. It’s the birth of Jesus that takes us to his death and resurrection. It’s all starts with the birth of Jesus that Grace also comes in . Christmas is really huge to me it’s like one if not the biggest day on the calendar ….

The whole concept of this Peace Project is just too much 😭!

Merry Christmas


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