Addicts think if I depend on people or God, they will let me down. Addicts are very independent, self-directed people. They don’t want to rely on anyone, because they feel that they could be let down. They have a hard time trusting people. This usually comes from their dysfunctional family growing up. This is not about blaming, but identify where they became “ill.” The “addiction” becomes the “trusted source of comfort.” We don’t know how to ask for help. That is why this usually goes on and on and on.

After accepting your problem the next step to healing is opening up to someone and God.

But for most Addicts they think if I just do this and that all will be well. Unfortunately the more they try the more it gets worse. The best thing to do is submit to God and see him work through you. Share it with a Trusted friend or mentor or counsellor and see how much freedom you will walk into 😍.


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