“Taking an honest look at self is the only way to real recovery of any addiction”

Are you addicted to something and you really want to quit it? I don’t know what you are addicted to but the first step is been honest with yourself. Brutally honest I mean. When you become honest you kill denial.

Killing Denial in the sense that you begin to believe like this addiction is there and it’s worse than I thought it was. When you take this bold step it makes you begin to see what you couldn’t see because you were blinded by the addiction. Basically Denial is unawareness , been honest with self makes you enlighten and aware .

I want to share two steps with you that can help you be honest with self;

Take inventory of your past and present. Writing down your story on paper or typing it out is a healthy way to gain a better understanding of yourself, so you can recall memories and let the story flow from your heart.This step is a complete, thorough and exhaustive search of the self. This is often difficult, but also revealing and rewarding. It looks back at the good and the bad, and prepares you for the future. It is a moral inventory of your conscience, shining a light on all the uncomfortable, dishonest and unpleasant parts about your past and your addiction.

Take inventory of your past and present. Create a number line and call it Addiction history timeline . Write down from the time you were born upto date and see how the addiction started, expanded and how it’s affecting you . Then a month later write another number line and see if there’s progress or not …….. These steps look weird but they are an honest way of facing your addiction .

Hello , If there’s anyone who wants to talk about anything , who wants someone to talk their heart out can contact me .I’ll be happy to talk with you about anything . Contact me on Instagram @dr_Mwamba


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