It’s so amazing how a person can start off from home with too much zeal in their looks and lose it upon seeing someone who looks better than them. A person can be complemented by 13 people and drag attention to one negative complement. To me it seems we are too inclined to negativity compared to positivity. So I took time and reasoned and came to conclusion we are too much into comparison . Yes the grass maybe greener the other side but why keep comparing yourself to them when you know it will just be stealing your joy . Stop comparing yourself to others but the person you where yesterday . The way you are you you have no Rivals and GOD loves you uniquely no one will ever be like you stop the comparison and incline to positivity

GOD DOES NOT LOVE US EQUAL! I know that will create alot of tension as it sounds like blasphemy when you just read it without thinking. When you say God loves us equal you mean his love can be measured , someone can replaced and each one of us is the others Rival. Instead God loves us uniquely when you check the word unique it has 3 illustration
~Representative : No one will ever Represent God the way you can do , No one will ever Represent anything in life the way you do it you have exactly no one to compete with .
~Protal type : Once it’s created none like it will ever be created. No one will ever live your life it’s a once in a lifetime no one like you will ever be created
~Without Rivals: They is no no rival for your place in this world or God’s heart. You are a champion in your own Race as no one is competing with you it only you alone . They is nothing you can do to gain or loose is love
When we understand this fact comparison will never find it’s place in our HEARTS .
IN an age of imitation, it takes courage to Embrace your God given Uniquesness you are a son and Daughter without Rivals .


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