It’s my light not my darkness that will frighten me the most this month. My deepest fear is not that I will be inadequate my deepest fear is that I will be powerful beyond measure. Before this month started I had a strong feeling it will be great . I know this is the year of Jubilee but August is outstanding. I even told my Elder Best Brother Joshua about this month . This month I will be flourishing like the seed of labenon I will be ever fruitful like the palm tree . I will walk too much but I won’t faint even though youths faint I won’t. I will run very hard but won’t grow weary even though the young men grow weary I will be flourishing and mount up with wings like the Eagle.
This is big it’s not just in some of us it’s in every one take off the garment of naive and clothe with confidence. And has I let my own light shine I unconsciously give others permission to do the same. Since am liberated from my own fears my presence automatically liberate others . HAPPY NEW MONTH


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