He Has learnt

His still dark, talks louder and didn’t need you to confirm his good looks
It’s his light not his darkness that most frightens him
He traded his fears for hope courage and Grace
Upon hearing Jamie GRACE Testimony he was taught to pick up his scrambled pieces and redesign his puzzle
He was sure his puzzle will gleam sparkle and dazzle
He is not the turtle that wouldn’t move fast yesterday he may still have the same legs but these are designed to run night and day
Grace has taught him tip toing ,proving points , social acceptance and human approval lost rights from him
He took off the garment of naive and clothed with confidence
He has learnt the Art of coming down from trees like Zakeils and have meals with the most high

You won’t find him been satisfied with cheese and crackers
Take no offense this version is here to stay no pretences
He’s has a past but he now thank God it didn’t last
He learnt he is a son of God and not a slave of his past
Like the Israelites some whisper to him you are a slave of pharaoh with determination and courage he responds am a son of God
He Rebukes the slave mentality and proclaim he is a son hearding to the land flourishing with milk and honey
He learnt to let go of the old and receive what is new ,What passed is passed all that mattered was how he bounced back
From his old Ashes God removed Average ,mediocrity, self pity and Aromered him with beauty
Bought him on a high price and gave him the royal serpent
Like Gideon even his enemies now know his Royal

He may not be clothed in labels and the like he still holds the royal serpent
Even if the moon collide with the stars his still uplifted
He has learnt his values are not determined by what clothes he wears but the one who dwells in him
For his sake not even Jesus was spared Yes his God just does that
And now with boldness and rights he approaches the throne of Grace
Gaze as he takes it all
When dawn breaks ,His heart quirks
Though he treks later he bursts
Like an overloaded truck his bones stand
Knowledge static wisdom sunk life in flights


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