I recently posted about my church elevation and this week been love week . To shade more if you missed my post which I also advise you to check in this week we show love through actions like you just add some flesh to someone’s none

Ok today Sunday the 23 of July around 12pm coming back from church wondering in my heard on what I should do or offer aid since it’s love week and am so excited about it 💟💟 used my usual root going home hoping God to use me to show love to someone may be help someone with luggage or help someone do something ok I had a number of thoughts but God works in different ways. I pass by this not solving some math and I could see is having a hard time.  A small voice tells me to offer aid I ignore it but as I go it becomes louder am left with no option than to turn and go back 


Now how will I approach him first of all his a stranger and in this generation where people are deadly how will I do this all those and more ugly thoughts brutally massacred me . 

Me. Hello is the teachers/ Hospital compound 

Him: am not sure am new here

Me;wow you are solving math can I help 

Him ;Sharp

Wow I hope it’s not hard thoughts watered my head but I did additional mathematics in school I guess it will not be that hard . It’s statistics one of my best . I helped the boy he was so excited and I was too . To my surprise his a university student and am not wow God has his own ways

Scratchy but awesome

And that’s how I showed love in day two so extraordinary 💝💝💝🙊


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