The Good Father

Most of families are destroyed in this generation the rate at which straight families are divorcing is just too fast for this reason most families are in short supply on a good father
I would love to share two true life stories

My lovely Dad 

Joel Osteen once shared a story of his old school mate . The man had a father who was a drunkard abused substance and use to insult as well. This affected greatly his marriage and his family . Eventually he Discovered his grandfather had the same behaviour as his father hence this issue was generational. This man wanted to end this and make a difference unlike his father and the others in the blood line . He figured out on his own he wouldn’t make it hence he rushed to Jesus for help and Jesus welcomed him embraced him and fulfilled all his father failed at once he felt loved and cared for that he became also a good father

They is is other man who never saw his father because he died 3 days after his birth he missed the opportunity of knowing or seeing his father. Despite been fatherless he had a sickness that caused constant sores on his head which gave his friends chance to make fun of him . Praise God the mother was caring and a woman of God who made sure to introduce his son to Jesus who saved the space of a father in his life and at the age of 21 he was called to be a preacher he is the famous John Gray

The moral lesson here is that Jesus is the good father . What are you passing through what fatherhood opportunity did you miss out Jesus is ready to fill that space. He is more caring loving and desiring to give you all just request and he shall surely do so . He is the good father rush to him 💟💟💟 


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