HappY BirtHdAY NchiMunYa

The moments we have spent are unforgettable
Having you as a twin sister is reasonable
And the joy of having you on Earth is undefeatable
If you where my child I would ask you to stay
I would treasure every moment we spend as we play
Yes her sweetness never ends she is not like bubble gum

With a click in her step and a bounce in her walk
Her voice as soft as a dove
Yet mountains tremble at her mere talks
She is not the chicken that wouldn’t fly yesterday
She may have wings but these are meant to fly night and day
She is not a conqueror she is something more she is more than a conqueror
Those knives you strake her with those stones you threw at her are now her stepping stones

She traded her doubts for hope faith and Patience
She took off the garment of naive and clothed herself with confidence
Capable inspirational virtuous she is a worrior
You will never find her weaping tears or living in an area of past tenses take no offence this version is here to stay no pretences
She has been remodelled and reconstructed
Her nose button like
Her smile graceful
Her mind persuaded
With determination and courage she rules because she is able

LIFE had taught her to pick up her broken pieces and rebuild her castle
She was sure her future will glim sparkle and dazzle
She is building a thousand new doors for all the rust ones that shut in her face
She walked through hell and left hell a tale
She marched through the coals of fire and didn’t fail
And the most blessed person is the one who will wear her ring
Mr & Mrs Choongo are blessed to Have cherry the star. Cherister NchiMunYa Choongo Happy birthday with much love from Your twin Brother Gusto 😍❀❀😍❀
This is my present and needs no further description 😍😍😍


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