More to my Story

Everyone has a story and each person  is the best teller of their story . Caution : wheneveryou hear a story know they is more to it that what you just heard . Fact we don’t tell everyone our story how much we trust some one is directly proportional to how much we tell people our story *There is none wrong telling your story in different angles to different people * . For this fact you can’t just step in someone’s life and judge the entire story a scene doesn’t define an entire story . You can’t just watch one scene of the story and begin to judge someone . Jesus was born in a manjer but that wasn’t his story …if you only saw parts of Joseph Story you would say he is a prisoner others would think his a dream even a king if possible  . Don’t be fooled by a scene they is More to the story 

Scenes are decieving

Worst scenes make up the best story and worst scenes don’t define the entire story . One might be experiencing an emotional breakdown or a betrayal perhaps it’s can be a failure but  that doesn’t  define your story . Keep in mind they is more to your story . The same God who bring the rains sometimes allow famines in our life so we can understand  the importance  of  not judging our entire story from a single scene . Moreover light shines brightest in the darkest places and after the darkest hour comes the brightest  day .

Darkest scene makes the story lit 🔥🔥
Everyone  writes their story and it consists of three parts . Where you started, where you stopped  And how you got there when you begin to connect the circles in life you discover  that everything happened for your good 

Connect the circles
The best example  one can think of is the woman whose child was brought back to life by Elijah . The woman thought she was doing something for God but not  knowing God was doing it for her . The woman was wealthy and had everything that one required but never had a child . God used this to give her a child awesome right? But they was more to the story  the child died it was up to the woman to choose that to be her story or a scene  fortunate enough she made it a scene and her child was brought back to life . We have the power to make a scene our entire story or a scene as it is . Caution : If the story is not well then it’s not the end  continue pushing 



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