We worship alot
We worship jobs
We worship beautiful skins and fancy cars
We worship love
We worship power , status and success
We worship fame
Perhaps human approval and social status
We worship anything that captures our hearts
Anything that promises us significancy meaning
That tells us that we matter
We worship that,yes that whispers acceptance .

So I think alot about role of worship, what is true worship?
And have come to conclusion that worship is essentially a Devine love trade between God and us
It’s a magnifying glass that unveils the true definition of Grace
Worship is more than the songs we sing
Worship doesn’t equal music and music doesn’t equal worship !it’s something more
The words when worshiping are more than just a mere combination of 26 alphabet letters
They have creative abilities and transmute energy
Vibrating at a specific frequency and causing a reaction in the environment
To strip bear under light and shutters our sins

I worship waving my hands in the air doing it as if I don’t care because I know Jesus is my number one fan
Yes I have a past but its in worship I thank Jesus it didn’t last
When we go deep in worship the worship flows deep in us
We worship the God who changes
Water into wine
Mourning into Dancing
Lemons into lemonade
And Biscuit into Banquets
The same God
Who Brings light to the darkest places
Making all things right
Comforting the broken
Yes this poem maybe weak but its his love that puts me on my feet
And Brings all my idols down with Grace and wins my worship

Worship is a tool of illumination
Even when am down low, in worship his love still flows
It’s an Altar something we surrender to in hopes of leading us to places of radical exhortations
Now that’s True Worship 😭😭


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