The Mellifluous Crush

When I look into your eyes I don’t see Romeo and Juliet 

I don’t see a love story that someone would watch on a big screen and dream about 

I see someone who will fight for me 

I see someone who will protect me and love me 

I see someone who will accept my past support my present and encourage my future 

Grace Apocalypse
Grace Apocalypse

 Your love for me is not something that I can accurately describe 

Trust me I have tried . Tried to put words to the madness 

To the complexity of emotions that overwhelming me at every thought 

Trust me you are the centre of my joy 

Your voice is my heart beat

As the wind blows the pages of our story flips 

Bupe C

I love you Typically that’s all I can come up with because it cuts the long story short 

In spite all these ways and love you still thinking am a wreck .Yes JESUS just loves me that much 

With tears of joy and boldness she told the boys who wanted her to rush into a relationship and think waiting on God’s time is frustrating, she returned the chocolate, cards, iPhone 7and Roses ,turned her back and ran off to Jesus 

Grace Apocalypse


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