He Never Wanted Heaven Without Us !

“I know you I want you to know me ,I see you can’t you see me ,I love you I want you to love me, I am waiting here for you because I will be the first one running the day you believe “

The words Jesus always  telling each and everyone of us . 2000 years ago he left heaven for earth to show us the way . He was the second Adam the one who came to clear the mess made by the first Adam by bringing Grace . Yes the law is perfect but it failed to make us perfect and God wanted us Rightouess . All the law would do is condemn us because we all failed short to it . Yes God is merciful but he wouldn’t be merciful at the expense of his rightouesness sin had to be judged for us to be called rightoues. No wonder Jesus had to come take our place nail the law on the cross defeat sin and death so you and I would rest in his finished work on the cross. 

Jesus lived ,loved ,healed the sick ,casted out demons,brought dead people back to life ,He later was crusified  . He did this before we where even born he wore the crown of thorns he was mocked insulted beaten up and crusified so one day we can spend forever face to face with him. He was rejected so we can be accepted, he became sin so we can be called rightouesness of Christ His father had to turn his back on him so he can look at us .. Yeah he cleared the old mess he over paid for our sins like he  paid a million dollar for a one dollar case he was crusified so our sin may die on the cross with him . Good news on the third day he ressurected he won he is in us and we are in him . Christ our redemption he is rightoues in making a sinner Rightoues.

After his resurrection he brought the present truth a new covenant called Grace yes Grace the one that makes us to live a victorious life . He Never Wanted Heaven Without Us so he had to bring heaved on earth he lived his life for us and gave his life for us . Our sin was great but his love was greater .

While shaking from the pain he thought about your name so glad he took your place place there . He let them torture him and nailed him to a tree so one day you can spend  eternity with him 

Your works doesn’t make you righteous but Christ finished work does. He loves you the way you are but he won’t leave you the same . When you are lonely he won’t leave you , when you hurting he will heal you ,when  you aRe crying he is listening he knows how hard life can be and he wants to spend forever with you … If you are not born again he wants you to be and If you would love to know more about Grace inbox me on Facebook @genesischristlikemwamba or tweet me @genesismwamba


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