Small Talks ,Big Meaningful Conversationa

“Introverts don’t hate small talks because they dislike people its because of the barrier it creates between people” Laurie once said ..Small talks are any conversation on unimportant matters .They are mostly and necessary used when people are new to each other or before a meaniful conversation ,unfortunately  small talks  have now been abused they are now used for full time conversations  ,seriously! Some people  maybe just me get drained by small talks. Put me in a room with people who are creative ,talk about life stimulating ideas Or maybe transforming parts of their world I won’t shut up but take me to a party where people care about how they look, who they know ,how they dance or what they own I will just zone out . Small talks are  that challenging 

Small talks  are very predictable like a game of chess where the other person  knows the next move of the opponent , However  due to small talks  people remain ignorant  on issues which they have no knowledge  about yeah like they are meaningless one doesn’t  learn anything new or know anything  at the end of it all mxxxxm. Gossiping and lies have now been fertilized as a result of small talks  people now have to water their personalities in fear of been left out ,heartbreakingly! Moreover when small talking it just feel unnaturally as most talks are lies and are predictable , as a result of been too predictable  people’s creativity is pathetic and morality as gone down recently we hear now people send nude pictures to flirtmates seriously  so heart breaking . To Be honest small talks are easily forgotten and add no impact to someone’s life they are just their for the sake of saying we chat seriously.  Most people entertain them in the fear of been different yes been different is costly but its worthy it .it doesn’t  even make sense how close friends can spend five hours of small talking seriously  saht you have the mind of Christ think big outside those boxes. 

Failure is our teacher and not our undertaker ,since most are used to small talking  You can use those small talks to start big conversations e.g 



How are you

Am bored its too sunny u? 

Oh really its even hotter here global warming as done us bad  How do you think the both of us can contribute and reduce global warming ?

Yeah something  like that can transform a small talk in big meaningful conversations which can really help in increasing ones creativity  and capacity to view things in a most significant  angle . BIG TALKS are lit the novel five wishes can be set as an example  an introvert attended a party just to satisfy his fiancee he was spotted by a fellow introvert while everyone  was busy drinking  smoking and small talking  they where talking about ideas transformation plans which resulted in a meaningful evening and lifelong friendship. Moreover you have the mind of Christ your playing small doesn’t save the world they is nothing englitened about shrinking so the people around you may not feel insecure . Use the mind of Christ like Adam did he named animals and called them out the next day that’s deep … Small talks are boring  cause people to shut up and zoned out but big meaningful conversation waters creativity and make one a transformation element 


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