Amazing Love

Hebrews 12:2-11 – If you don’t love someone, you won’t discipline them.
Whom God loves, He corrects. You ought to feel loved when He disciplines you.
God cares about your health, your life, your success.
He doesn’t want you to be dominated by sin and pride.
Sometimes if your spouse chastens you about something, you should respond by learning from it instead of reacting defensively.
Other people won’t care enough about you to tell you about the important things.
“Chasten” in Greek is “paideuo” which means “child training”.
God is training us to bring us to a higher place when He chastens us.
The word “Live” is “zao” which means maintenance of physical life –
God doesn’t chastens with death, accidents, sickness or disease. God is always healing.
1) God’s word is the highest and best way that He trains us by.
2) For those who backslide and are not in God’s word, sometimes God creates situations where they encounter the word – for example: Switching on the TV and watching God’s word playing at that moment.
3) Sometimes God uses circumstances to chastens those who backslide.
God chastens us for OUR profit.
“Painful” can be better translated as “heavy”. God’s chastening feels heavy. It makes us feel frustrated.
Maybe we experience a heavy season in our lives.
God only chastens us with negative circumstances when we don’t listen to the still-small voice which He speaks to us with.


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