Like Stars On Earth .

Like Stars On Earth every soul is special.Yes like photosynthesis about plant and sunlight she was an answer. She never wasted time in fear Average mediocrity self pity and humiliation.She was light talked louder and never needed you to confirm her good looks ..She was always clothed in confidence hope values and fearlessness. Inspite her values and culture been too lit she was still hated and condemned over it ! Guess what? That didn’t stop her perse . Her values taught her not all battles are worthy her fight not all dogs that backed are worthy her stones and not all opinions are worthy her consideration. Yea she was from a big city but made even victorious in a small one . She believed when you constantly claim to be a victim you always be a victim moreover the victim narrative hood wasn’t part of her story she freed herself 

She was a friend  yes infact the priceless one …A fighter who won the heart of a chameleon ..with a click in her step and a bounce in her walk her voice as sweet as a dove yet wickedness bailed out at her mere talk .She wasn’t someone anyone backed at because of her gender. . YES she understood equality doesn’t mean special treatment . Standing for what’s right even at the expense of failing her family was her best dance she believed in risk taking. She overcame challenges than complain about them dwell on them or use them as an excuse to fall short. She prayed for sliding on women to be history in her small town like it is in her big city . She was determined to build a million more bridges on all the rust ones that burnt in her face And pick up all the broken pieces and rebuild her paradise . Gaze as she takes it all

All that starts well ends well .Yes she lived,loved,conquered,and won with determination she conquered because she was able . With faith she won because it never failed her .with hope she lived because of Risk taking. And with courage of a lioness she overcame. She was defined by values and action and not the unique clothes she put on she believed people with different culture and belief can bond because of friendship love and trust . Her nose button like her smile graceful her dimples persuaded . She walked through hell and left hell a tale this is her story and need no further description…. Gunjan Garg is her name the representation of who she is Gunjan her name the introduction of FLAME


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