His tears are falling like hail stone in Makeni .Bringing Joy to others but grief ,worry and sadness to the street who are not ready for cold season …. worse the first hail stone, he faced rejection first on the first day though he avoided it as chlorine would avoid calcium when sodium is around but it got worse when sodium noticed fluorine ……He once stopped believing in the priceless gift because he always imagined the price tag existed. ….His belief changed when a bond between him and a sermon was formed a sermon which deeply permitted the existence of the priceless gift. …But this new chapter the novel as brought as nothing in support of the bond making the forces holding it weaker and weaker….He calls himself a fighter but the person who made him realise this had a deeper relationship with sodium. ..worse society is failing to accept him and his uniqueness 

While the bond between him and the sermon gets weaker ,his sight on seeing the price on the priceless gift gets stronger even more than thebond in Nitrogen elements too strong to break and conquently very stable that t ripple bond what will stop this perse …He never wanted this to exist but him been a victim of fate seems stronger and factual. ..The price tag is very cheap even cheaper than the bond of hydrogen dioxide.will he get on his knees and pray sad enough he feels devastated and the weakness in the process increases how he wishes the exodus of this chapter comes despite having a feeling the next chapter is worse. ..Hail stone is here will snow which kills faster come also will it be a one day thing or the whole winter? Despite having knowledge on the fact that one day of snow can do the killing His conscious process this faster and irritatingly 

He tried convincing himself the rejection on the first day wasn’t real worse the sodium and chlorine reaction up to now he believes its a myth…This is really hard the rejection and the flourine reaction happened on the same day worse less than Two hours. ..This is nothing personal but very personal hunches now only cries like Aunt shail “The brightest hour comes after the darkest hour “….Despite been so weak he did what his good at he got down on his kness and prayed…The bond between him and offence is an incident offended is an option got stronger than the atoms of diamond ,but the offense was just too strong to let go like flourine will never give space to chlorine when sodium is around. ..While still submitting his heart filled with grief sadness and worry to heaven A bond between him and another sermon gets stronger and conquently stable what is this now 



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